Best November Weekend

Friday night we hung with neighbors at their home.  Such a great way to relax after a long work week.  I brought a half growler of Mom & Pops Pumpkin Crop Lager from Jack’s Abby.  Only the third pumpkin beer of my life, but the best.  Two of us were drinking it and 32 ounces was not nearly enough.rnf

Saturday morning we walked with Frida around the Capital Hills at Albany golf course.  It is finally closed to golfers so once again the dogs have the run of the place.  Frida isn’t so much into running of late, but to make it around the circuit was a win in my eyes.  She just keeps going!

Saturday night we enjoyed Curry House take-out at our friends’ place.   I brought a full growler of Shuggie SoulBender IPA from SingleCut Beersmiths in Astoria Queens.  So fresh and delicious.  What a treat.  Try it before Oliver’s keg is kicked.

Sunday we went to the Spectrum to see Birdman.  Very highly recommend you do the same.  Not an action film per se, but there are reasons you should see it in a theater.  Enough said.  So go.

Then we made our first trip to the Fort Orange General Store.  They’ve been open some time, maybe a year, but we’d never noticed the place.  If you leave the Spectrum and turn right to go to the parking lot, you’ll miss this really stunning collection of home goods.  Apparently that’s what we’ve done during the whole of their existence.  So when you are leaving the Spectrum, turn left for heaven’s sake.  It’s right there (under scaffolding).  We bought a good collection of small gifts.  I won’t show those in case one of them ends up in your mittens, but I did bring home some wonderful bitters for us.  cb

I haven’t had them in a drink, but I have had them in water.  This is a great way to get to know a new bottle of bitters before you bury them in a strong cocktail.  These are delicious.

So three cheers for Fort Orange.  I’m not aware of a better store in town for gift giving (and for buying for yourself as well).

Take care!

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