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I asked my friend, Abbey Isolda, to submit a review of the Cinnamon Snail.  My TV had shown folks going gaga for this vegan food truck and Abbey works in the area it parks, and thus the occasion for my first guest post.  How exciting!  I’m pleased to present her review.

In keeping up with a promise, I headed over to the Cinnamon Snail vegan food truck on a cold, cold Manhattan Friday.  Prior to departure I reviewed the menu to have an idea of what I was getting myself into.  I had it narrowed down to two items.  I offered to pick up something for  my colleagues but they were “weirded out”  by “foreign” items like kimchi, tempeh and seitan.  A physician I work with opted for the side salad,  I think just to be polite, but I was happy about it anyway, and off I went!wtft

The truck is .7 miles away from my office.  Thanks to what the weatherfolk like to call “abundant sunshine,” the walk was pleasant if a touch crowded for my I’m-so-over-this-city mindset. image1

It’s a nice walk past some of the old theatres and it was somewhat refreshing to get a feeling that not all of the city’s history has been erased by contemporary renovations.  image3

I even found the Ziegfeld theatre which was originally built in the 20s, demolished and now has a 60s movie theatre in its place.   I think it’s a pretty neat theatre despite its separate incarnations.image2

Ten minutes later I arrived at the location Twitter provided me with,   55th and Broadway, and found a mess of trucks lined up.   The Cinnamon Snail had a steady line and I overheard people discussing tasty breakfast options.   The folks in the truck were pretty hippie dippy, but not the customers.   At 9-10 buckaroons a pop (not to mention the overall seeming disappearance of hippies in the city) this wasn’t surprising.   I asked the hippie man in the truck what to order and he told me he preferered the two sandwiches I had narrowed it down to–the bbq tempeh and the five spice thai seitan thingie.  I went for the latter and ordered the salad for the doc.image7

As I waited for my stuff I overheard some people ordering the famed cinnamon snail which was not a snail at all but rather, a cinnamon bun.   I went ahead and ordered one despite my current sugar restriction.   After all, I reminded myself, the restriction is not ment to deprive me of occasional desserts, it’s ment to discipline myself from gobbling every sugary snack in sight.image4

I brought the food back via an ambling walk through the park.image6

I attempted to get a little UV on my face but it was too cold. I went back to the office and unveiled the sandwich.  It looked unsettlingly like meat and had strange hair like protuberances throughout the seitan, as thought the sandwich had been prepared by cats (maybe this was one of the five spices?? No idea. ) It was a bit greasy for my liking but I ate it anyway.  The flavor was nice but  I couldn’t shake the notion that this thing was going to cause  some GI issues later.image5

The doc liked the salad reporting that the arugula was particularly spicy.  I inhaled the cinnamon roll, and felt a little guilty.

I wouldn’t not go back, but I don’t know if I’ll hurry.  If I do, I think my next dish will be the breakfast burrito.

Thanks for the leg work friend!  Now inquiring minds are in the know.  If I found myself in the vicinity of the truck I’d still give it a try, but it sounds like a modest lowering of expectations might be in order.  C’est la vie!

Take care!


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