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Well Hello Vimeo!

Some time has passed since YouTube ate my videos.  Not to worry.  I’ve still been  making them and they are still not epic.  Today I joined Vimeo.  Lacey shot this.

I shot this (I will try harder to remember to turn my camera).

People who deserve to be behind the camera shot this (hit the CC button if you don’t understand French).

Take care.

Smart Cycling Class

I received an email from which the following excepts are taken:

On Friday May 1st and Saturday May 2nd, Troy Bike Rescue is offering the League of American Bicyclists certified Smart Cycling Class.  The two day class, which will meet from 6pm to 9pm Friday and 10am to 4pm Saturday in the Enable Labs offices, located on the 4th floor of the TRIP Building at 415 River St. in Troy, will cover a variety of topics including cycling in an urban environment, vehicle and traffic law as it relates to cycling, bicycle maintenance, as well as cyclist rights and responsibilities. The Friday portion of the class will be primarily classroom instruction, while the Saturday portion will mostly be practical, riding instruction. The purpose of the class is to help new and experienced cyclists alike become more confident while riding their bikes on the streets of Troy. League Certified Instructor, Claire Nolan, will teach the class. The cost of the class is $40, which will include books and materials. Students are asked to pre-register here.  Class size is limited to 12. Troy Bike Rescue is planning on offering additional classes throughout the year.

Highly recommended.

Take care.

A Fine Wheel

Not as in meh, but as in refined.  Mike delivered it Friday.  I had a roll up and down the block on Saturday but today I rode miles.  Very fine miles they were.BV 04.18.15

I won’t use up the servers to show you pictures of the bike since the maker takes better pictures than I ever can.  The silent ride (thanks to perfect adjustments and no accessories) and relaxed geometry make for a very pleasant sunny day roller.BV 04.19.15

The organizer of our local tweed ride didn’t this year but we were invited to meet him at the Olde English for brunch.  On it!  I didn’t tweed it up much but managed a tie and my fancy new boots (which are terrific for pedaling atop the lightly modded MKS pedals).  rnfaoe 04.19.15

Lacey brought Frida to meet us.  Frida is turning into the ideal pub dog–she slept the whole time she was there.  I was a little surprised that she didn’t want a french fry but she shouldn’t be eating those anyway.  Smart girl.Randy and Frida 04.20.15

One the way back we toured north Broadway.  Stopped at Nine Pin for a delicious dry hopped cider and pedaled past George’s new brew pub.  One of his partners said they are a couple of months away from opening.  Something to which to look forward.

Frida is still having a hard time but I guess that is to be expected.  A really old dog doesn’t after a long illness awake as a young dog.  Still, we are enjoying her company and watching her sleep in her yard.  To be continued.

I’ll bet you are enjoying Spring too.  That’s my hope.  See you soon.


Frida’s ulcers have healed!  Just found out today.  She still can’t see well but tomorrow she’ll start a med that, if she can tolerate it, may reduce the cloudiness in her eyes.  A measure of near term hope is more than I thought I’d get, so I’ll take it.  Best part is, no more mask.  Much easier for us and much more comfortable for her.  fs

Sunday I found a bat hanging from Frida’s collar (which was hanging from a coat rack).  I wanted to get it in a bag but my smarter half suggested I simply carry the coat rack outside.  bor

I did and the bat came along without waking up.  Then I put the collar on the ground and worked to pry its tiny claws off (the collar).  Such a cutie!  I was sure it would start flying as soon as I came near it.  Not so.  It acted like a teenager who didn’t want to get up for school.  I hope it doesn’t come back inside or have friends inside.bog

The weather has changed for real.  Sixties.  I’ve pedaled to the store and the FedEx drop box.  If I keep this up, I’ll have a shot at shedding my winter weight.  Unless I keep having people over for beer on the driveway.  I called the event a burdensome beer party.  Like an ugly sweater party but with a purpose.  Bring a beer that you didn’t make go away over the winter.  I was thinking imperial stouts and the like, but all kinds of things showed up.  So I may have helped my friends get rid of a few beers.  Only problem is, they brought more than they drank and now I have more beer than when I started.  Great if you are in college. If only.

That’s all I have.  Plenty as far as I am concerned.

Rain is Beautiful

Frida is going strong.  I have a lump in my throat, though, as she sees her ophthalmologist on Monday.  My sense is she’s better but not healed.  That’d mean three more weeks of medicine 12 times daily and the cone.  Frida’s patience is running out.  I hope my patience and compassion outlast her ulcers.

FWRStep right up and you can be the 316th viewer of Eleanor Friedberger’s concert at the Cidade da Cultura, Gaiás, Santiago de Compostela.  Except the folks who saw it live.  Sounds like there were about a dozen of them.

Last week we skipped ritual pizza because of passover.  Then we ordered pizza from Little Anthony’s despite passover.  It has been one of those kind of passovers.  As in the rituals are passing right over us.  I added onion rings to the order even though I know they are not vegan.  The order taker called me on it and I assured her I knew what I was getting into (or getting some chickens into, more accurately).  I am not perfect.  I “needed” onion rings.  The order taker said they are looking for vegan alternatives.  I thanked her.  Tomorrow night we’ll “break” passover with the leftover Little Anthony’s.  Pizza made by someone else is awesome.

I’m wrung out.  Work is overabundant.  I want to quit, buy this and go into hiding on US highways.  But I won’t and that’s wonderful and terrible all at the same moment.

This seems a bit overpriced but I wouldn’t be ashamed to pay it (and neither should you).  Imagine what you would get at a bike shop for that amount of scratch.  And life isn’t about getting good deals.  And pretty bikes are better than good deals.

Take care.

P.S. Vya vermouth makes spooky good Manhattans and tastes swell alone in a glass as well.  Buy it if you see it.

Buenos Dias

Frida has enjoyed a run of good days.  Her eyes are more comfortable–almost always open when she is moving about–but she isn’t seeing well.  Her nose may meet a parked car or a tree if I don’t guide her elsewhere.  Her eyes are very occluded.  I’ve used that word for a week despite being unsure of its meaning.  I just looked it and am happy I had it right–cloudy.  They were somewhat so before the corneal ulcers and I can’t be sure they are more now, but she didn’t used to walk into things.  Maybe more healing will help.  This morning I left her in the yard without her mask, going commando in her present world, while I went inside to get her immunosuppressant (to help with tear production).  She looked so regal that I had to grab a binocular pic.Frida Unmasked 04.05.15

I went to the liquor store to get passover wine and remembered to grab vermouth for Manhattans.  This was a well stocked store so I took a moment to find a vermouth upgrade.  With no knowledge and no time to search the net I grabbed the most expensive bottles of both sweet and dry and hoped for the best (at $18/bottle, it wasn’t a huge risk).  Oddly, they were wrapped in tissue paper so I didn’t know much about what I was buying.  I just guessed that the red tissue meant sweet and the green, dry.  The clerk unwrapped them for scanning and I saw that I was getting Vya Extra Dry and Vya Sweet from Quady Winery in California.  A brief search and I am off to the races in my vermouth and aperitif education.  Better than reading, though, I should get to the tasting.  Maybe tonight.Curtains

I recently enjoyed many hours on the sewing machine.  A friend is setting up a darkroom and needed blackout curtains for the doorway.  He provided the fabric and a schematic and I had at it.  I took only one picture of what I believe to be the least artfully finished corner among the eight executed (and that one I improved after seeing the image close up).  It was heavy fabric, just at the edge of the capacity of my machine (the rolled seam corners almost didn’t fit under the foot), so I stand by my work.

I finished them on Saturday (working from 4:30 am to 10:00 am) and he picked them up that afternoon.  A bit of separation anxiety, but I can visit them.  He will be printing some of my grandfather’s negatives to repay me.  Negatives that have to my knowledge never been printed despite being developed roughly 95 years ago.  Stay tuned for that.

I should go.

P.S.   As I recall the story of the resurrection, the time between Jesus’ rising and the discovery of the empty tomb is unaccounted.   What was He doing?   It is not out of the question that as He walked along He removed sticks from the path so that dogs with vision impairment wouldn’t be poked in the eye.   Rather than hide then hunt for eggs to celebrate His rising, venture to your yard and pick up pointy sticks.  I am confident He would approve.  At minimum, Frida would be thankful.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

One Word Post

Here.  More words?  I just noticed it was posted on April 1, 2015.  I’ve long known I am a fool and derive no pleasure from being reminded.  Sigh.

Frida atop Albany