I ride bicycles for transportation and recreation. I don’t recall my age when I first pedaled a bicycle, but I wasn’t young. In fact, I was the last of my friends to pedal on two wheels. Before my two-wheeled era, I used up many Big Wheels. I was old enough to assmeble my last plastic chariot myself. Remember how much noise was generated by the hollow hard plastic wheels? Quiet is good.  Pneumatic rubber tires are a miracle.

Fast forward some. Although my favorite sensation is balancing on two wheels (with pneumatic rubber tires), I have spent more time assembling, reconfiguring, restoring, repairing, discussing and simply gazing upon the loveliness of bicycles than I have pedaling them. Sometimes I am lucky enough to be allowed to help people care for their bicycles or pick out bicycles.  Know that I am nearly 100% self-taught.  A shade tree mechanic through and through.  Follow my advice at your peril.  Better yet, seek input or service from a pro.  That said, it is a big unregulated net.  If you insist on getting the good word  through your computer, you could do worse than me.

I also cook and bake a whole bunch of vegan food.  I eat some of what I prepare to power my pedals and wrenches and share the rest.  My fourteenth anniversary as a vegan took place in April of 2014.  I recommend the practice.

Most posts here are snapshots of a simple life filled with short bicycle rides and everyday food.  Does that make me normcore or simply borecore?  You get to decide, but I’d be honored if you’d think of this as a blog on bicycling and vegan cooking to which Fred Rogers would have linked.  My hope is that my writing and photos will transmit to you some of the joy I get pedaling, cooking, baking and the things I do and think about in between.  I am very grateful that you have used some of your time to visit my pages.

Take care!

p.s.  If you subscribe to my posts, thanks very much, but know that you’ll get a notice of the post as it is first published.  I add things to almost every post.  Afterthoughts that are as good as the first thoughts.  So maybe wait a bit and then read at the site.  That’s bad on my part.  Terribly sorry.  But I can’t seem to shake the habit.

18 responses to “About

  1. How cool is this! I’m liking the blog so far man–keep it coming!

  2. This is just about the cutest thing ever and made me happier than ever to be your pal!!!!

  3. Magic internets, thank you for keeping people connected! Like the photos, thoughts and promos, Randy and very glad to have an extra connection to you.

    Looks like you’re having fun, and I’m havin fun getting the benefits of your share. Thanks and see ya!


  4. Hey there!

    We met you at the A.N.T. Open House and Lacey gave me the name of your blog. It was nice speaking to you guys, and your bicycles are beautiful. I’ve just posted some photos of it all here.

    All the best!
    Lovely Bicycle

  5. Hi Randy!
    I ran across your blog by accident. I really love it. Nice photos of detail on your bicycles. Keep up the good work.

    Take good care!

    • Glad you found me, Annette, and enjoyed my writings and pictures. I am especially happy you like the photographs, as I have always been impressed with your work in that arena. Speak to you soon.

  6. I have the same squash growing in my garden . Did you ever figure out what they are? They grew in amongst my spaghetti squash

    • Heya! Thanks for writing. Not sure about which squash you are inquiring. The white pumpkin looking things? I think they were pumpkins that got pollinated by something that made them white. I’m pretty sure that’s a thing, but I don’t know. Take care!

  7. Hi Randal
    I am writing as I am looking for a Bridgestone X0-1.
    I see you you restored one back in 2010. I do realize this is a long shot. Do you still have it and what is the remote chance it would possibly be for sale?

  8. Hi Randal, I am a student on UWE Bristol (UK) and I am taking part on an e-Christmas Card competition and I google the words “snow in the ground” and try to find the proper background for my Christmas card and by chance I found a picture of your landscapes this one specifically https://randalputnam.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/woods-lake.jpg. So can you confirm me that you don’t have problem to use it. tomorrow is the deadline of the competition and i need a response ASAP. I would like to send you what i am trying to do with that if you can give me your email, because i can’t find somewhere.

  9. https://www.foodntravel.de/2017/11/12/homemade-vegan-pumpkin-gnocchi/

    Saw this and thought of you.
    Hope it gets to you during this pumpkin/squash season.
    All my best to the two of you, Hal

  10. Trying to extract your thoughts on an ANT build as you seem experienced with ANT cycles and I didn’t pay Mike directly for the ANT Light Boston Roadster frame that i’m being delivered from ebay. I like the simple look without cables but some contrast to the black frame with some color flash.
    I bought paul black royal flush cranks i bought. Currently deciding on a kickback hub possibly to give me 1 gear shift. not sure. I have had a few Sturmey 3s and 1 5speed. i know mike f likes the nexus hubs but there is not a lot of info available online for builds that i can find so i appreciate the help. I’m hesitant to contact Mike since i haven’t paid him directly for anything but I can if you think it best.

    • Congratulations! You should have fun with this! It sounds to me like you know plenty about the ins and outs of component selection. Trust your gut and enjoy the process without my preferences clogging up the works!

  11. Hi Randal. Missing your posts. Hope all is well with you.

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