Truly Thankful

I’m truly thankful for my family and friends.  Obvs.  Then there is the Field Roast  Grain Meat Company.  They take care of us on Thanksgiving (and may other days of the year, too).   They give us an answer when people ask what we eat on Thanksgiving.  Then they go and give us this:

Can’t wait to try them!

Related–I’ve been sending mucho dinero north, to Canada, when I buy Daiya products.  Now I read that Canada is blocking the importation of Field Roast products.  So they can have my dollars but we can’t have theirs?  Srsly?

Also related–my friend on the other side of the snow belt mentions Vtopian Artisan Cheeses from Eugene, Oregon.  Wow.  The world is really taking care of us these days.

Frida is hugely alive.  Lacey is strong and getting herself stronger (to help shovel tonight).  It.  Is.  All.  Good.


Remember to sharpen your kitchen knives and keep them away from your fingers, okay?


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