There was this bicyclist I had seen rolling around the neighborhood.  I never saw his bicycles up close, but you could tell they were special.  I wanted to meet him but wasn’t sure how that was going to happen.  This morning he pedaled by my house.  I guessed he was headed to the pond for a roll around so I put on a shirt and shoes and pedaled to the pond.  No sign of him, but a roll around the pond was  a fine consolation prize.

As I made my way around… there he was pedaling toward me.  I stopped him for a chat and, well, he is as cool as I suspected.  More so, really.  I invited him to see my bicycles.  He accepted.  I was so excited I allowed a toe clip to touch the gravel as I got going.  Oh dear.  Then I relaxed.  On the way home we pedaled by a guy on a Bike Friday.  The first I had seen in Albany.  Kismet!

Frida barked as we pulled up.  Was it as late as 7:00 am?  Silly Frida.  With her assured, we moved on to see the bicycles.  As we worked our way around the room, he mentioned he didn’t have any “lock up bicycles.”  Without hesitating, I offered him the Raleigh Sprite 27.  Without hesitating, he accepted.  Yes!  My evil plan to have fewer bicycles is working.

I mentioned that one of the cottered cranks was loose and asked him to ride it to learn which one (I didn’t remember).  We tightened it and it seems to be good now.

Then I had time to study his bicycle in detail.  My oh my.  A Ranger, made by Schwinn in the 40s, if my memory works.  He had built wheels for it using Italian wood rims.  I also noticed an Ideale saddle.  A Cinelli stem.  Upright swept back bars with red rubber grips.  Fixed.  Chic!  He has more at home.  I hope to see them soon.  Small world moment–his girlfriend gardens in the plot next to mine.

He pedaled home and got his van to pick up the Raleigh.  I asked him to pose for a picture.  Of course he doesn’t like getting his picture taken, who does, really, but he agreed (even knowing I meant to put it on the web).  Kind of him.r

One less bicycle and maybe a new friend.  Quite a morning!  I hope yours is as swell or better.

4 responses to “Placed

  1. Loved the bike you sold! Sounds like your morning was one like when I found the bronze for hardly nothing! Only your taking in $ instead of the other way around! Good for you! Lana

  2. I’ve seen that guy- and (one) of his bikes–
    Spotted in Albany

    Great blog, by the way…

    • Thanks for writing and the nice compliment.

      As to your sighting, yes sir–that is one of his. He is a magician. Every balloon tire frame should hope to end up in his care.

      Based on your photos, you seem to have a good thing going. Best of luck to you.

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