More Good

While walking with Frida, Lacey and I found ourselves at a garage sale.  An older gentleman was getting rid of the toys of his youth.  His daughter was in from Colorado helping out.  His bicycle was offered for sale.  A LeJeune with cottered cranks and ho hum bits.  Well used.  I’ll bet he used to be able to really make it go.      Having just reduced my fleet by one, I was not about to erase the gain.  Tempted, but strong.  Not so sure my strength can overcome this, though.  Please buy it before I do.

Backing away from the internet–return to the garage sale.  While I wasn’t going to bring home a bicycle, I was taken with two bicycle accessories.  A pair of leather bottomed (and topped) Sidi shoes and a Cannondale seatbag.  The Sidi shoes are ridiculously nice.  They fit as they should.  A bit narrow, but Italian bicycling shoes were at least historically known for this.  Not a problem for parade use, and this is the only use these shoes will see while in my possession.  The Cannondale seatbag is not so special.  I even disliked them as a kid–they were everywhere so I wanted something else.  I liked Velocipac or Eclipse, for instance.  Now, though, finding Cannondale survivors makes me happy.

I was without a wallet, so we left the items on the ground and said our goodbyes.  I told myself I wouldn’t go back.  We walked Frida home and then took the car to grocery shop.  The garage sale was more or less on the way.  Lacey asked why I was turning away from the direct line to the store and I said I just wanted to get the seat pack.  I wasn’t that strong.  I also brought home the shoes.  Sigh.a

The seller was so excited that I was going to enjoy his shoes.  The excitement is mutual.  My first cycling shoes were Detto Pietros with plastic bottoms.  Those were retired whenever it was that toe clips were being replaced by clipless shoes and pedals.  My second pair of cycling shoes, first pair of clipless, were all synthetic numbers from Sidi.  I quit wearing those in 1992, opting for full street shoe convenience while pedaling my Bridgestone XO-1.  I still have the Mavic clip in pedals (and my old slot cleated Detto Pietros and plastic Sidis), but they aren’t being used.  Warehoused for a change of heart or an enthusiastic buyer.  et

The seatpack contained treasures.  I didn’t want to open it at the garage sale.  I wanted to be surprised at home (I am all about delayed gratification).  The seller insisted on opening it to show me what a deal I was getting.  An Eldi toolkit from Germany!  Same quality (and weight) of kit you’d find under the seat of a BMW motorcycle (or in the trunk of a BMW car, for that matter).  Unused by the looks of it.

Then there is this.  Stumbled upon it when I was confirming the spelling of Velocipac (didn’t want to go downstairs to check).  Jealous, sure, but I enjoyed the read.

Wow.  A great day in my life as a lover of all things bicycle.  Still half of the day to go.  What surprises lay in wait?


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