Save Mahar’s

Stopped by for a ten ouncer (Mild at Heart).  Mr. Mahar and his daughter were tending taps.  I introduced myself and thanked him for establishing a terrific joint.  He said I should enjoy it while I can–he was informed this morning that he’d lost the lease.  Mahar’s (Albany) will only be open for a couple more weeks.  The space will be rented (has been sold?) to the folks that run Junior’s, The Point and Madison Cafe.  Is this a game of Monopoly or a neighborhood?  Ahoy, local tweeters and facebookers–I implore you to start a campaign to save a local treasure.

7 responses to “Save Mahar’s

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  2. How are we going to “save” it? It’s already been sold?

    • Don’t doubt the power of the internet (and its readers)!

      Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

      Help them find a new home. They are out looking today, but maybe someone who reads this post or another will have a lead.

      Have a truck or an able body? Offer to help with the move.

      Performer? Consider a benefit concert to raise funds to defray relocation costs.

      Offer a simple expression of support. Let them know there will be customers on the other end of a hard journey.

      Other ideas are welcome and encouraged!

  3. I would love it if they could turn that corner building around at new Scotland and Madison, but maybe that’s asking too much

    This is the building in question.,-73.772096&spn=0.00118,0.002776&t=m&z=19&layer=c&cbll=42.654945,-73.772096&panoid=odHnn6hKpgy47nZLeAox_A&cbp=12,180.31,,0,-5.48

  4. I only started frequenting Mahar’s about a year and a half ago. I enjoyed the place, and will miss it. However, there were things that needed improving and it was clear that the owners, for whatever reason, were reluctant to invest in importance maintenance, such as fixing broken tap lines which severely restricted draft offerings in recent months. Maybe that was on the property owner, but I cannot imagine the lease documents preventing that type of maintenance. With the introduction of new players in the european/high end/craft beer pub market (e.g. City Beer Hall, Olde English, Bier Abbey), it became a different competitive landscape.

    I think this comment from somebody who claims to be a regular adds an important perspective and is worth reading:

    There is much about the closing that we don’t know but, given perspectives like the one at the link above, perhaps there is another side to the story which suggests we should direct our disappointment towards the Mahar’s owners for being poor stewards of their own business.

    • Thanks for taking the time to write. I am not disappointed in anyone, but will simply miss going to our favorite local bar. Those other beer joints you mention are swell, but when it comes to drinking establishments, the closer to home the better.

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