On Wednesday, the ninth anniversary of Frida coming into our life, she walked into my office, whimpered and collapsed.  Her legs stopped working.  She’d finished walking a mile and a half in fine style earlier in the day, so I was surprised and scared.  I scooped her up, lay her on our bed, grabbed car keys (gosh I love cars at times like this), scooped her up again and drove her to the nearest veterinarian.  They ran some tests and sent us to a second hospital with a neurological specialist.  The neurologist ran some tests and took x-rays, found nothing, and recommended an ultrasound.  She couldn’t do it that day, so we’d have to wait.  Very happy to take Frida home with us, though.

By this time Frida was walking again, but she was unsteady and weak.  We spent the night together on the bed.  I laid with my face inches from Frida’s muzzle so I could feel her warm puffs of life on my face.  She’d wake up, stand up and try to get off the bed.  We’d lift her down and she’d want nothing so we’d put her back up.  It was a long night.

Our terrific friend and veterinarian was able to get Frida an appointment for an ultrasound yesterday.  We had already ruled out most diagnoses that could be solved medically.  The diagnoses that remained, masses and aneurisms, would require surgical intervention.  Frida is eleven.  I wasn’t keen on any surgery.  Was the ultrasound even necessary?  Still, I trusted our friend (and Lacey’s support of the procedure) and went ahead with the ultrasound.  Very happy I did.  Everything looked good in her gut, but there was evidence of an infection in her heart.  Endocarditis.  The locations of the infection may have caused the formation of clots, suggesting Frida may have had a stroke.

She is at my feet now, on antibiotics and aspirin.  We took away the bed frame to lower the bed’s height.  She can now easily hop up to be comfortable and with us.  We’ve taken a couple of short walks.  She isn’t back to Wednesday morning Frida, but she seems happy.  Now we have to love and wait and see what comes.

Thursday morning I was preparing myself to lose her.  That afternoon, we were rewarded with hope.  Constant change!  That’s all I have thought about since Wednesday and all I will be thinking about for some time.  Forgive us if we neglect our friendships with you all.


14 responses to “Challenge

  1. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Thanks sir! Your Velosteel hub is still being loved. I have so many bikes, but the ANT with your hub was by far the bike of choice in 2012. Thanks again for your help getting that hub into my life. Frida and I thank you for the prayers, too. They are helping a lot! Thanks again and take care.

  2. bless dear frida & her dear humans. sending wishes for healing.

    • Thanks, friend! She is doing better each day. Yesterday, she was walking with confidence, taking the stairs well and turning circles to the left again (all right for a time–her left legs were impacted). Your wishes are working! We are in your debt. You be well, too!

  3. Christina Abbott

    Hi Randy – You and Lacey and Frida are in our thoughts. – Love Tim and Christina

  4. Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts for Frida.
    – a loyal reader

  5. (((((Frida!)))))
    Please get well soon…
    I would be happy to repay your service dog karma by sitting with you and looking at you with big brown eyes while you convalesce, if it makes you feel better. I am happy to know you are already in the best of company & care. Please remember that seeing you do your fancy butt-scoot around the backyard is one of the great joys of Spring, and the days are already starting to get longer…

    Will be thinking of you… let me know if there is anything I can do… talk soon.

  6. Oh Randy–I just saw this right now. I’m so happy to hear she’s doing better. She’s just the best. Hope you and Lacey are doing OK.

    • You are a swell friend. I appreciate the kind words. Frida would too if I bought her an iBone.

      I hope to make a trip with Frida to your shop in the upcoming months for a visit. Get some chocolates and some of your tenant’s cheese. We just received from a friend thee tins of Punk Rawk Labs nut fermented nut cheeses. Really amazing, all. Makes me want to try more and so happy to have fermented nut cheeses being made locally. Enjoy the sunshine and see you soon.

  7. Thanks for posting. That brought tears to my eyes. I’m happy to know the Frida is doing better-thinking of you guys, miss you too!

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