SI had twenty ounces of this.  Lacey, twenty of this.  Note the ABV.  Needless to say, we tipped these monsters gently, slowly, then wobbled next door for a long Indian feast.  Note to self:  If twenty ounces of beer cost more than fifteen dollars, order a ten ounce pour.  If you are sad to see the bottom, you can always double down.FDN

In the excess begets excess department, allow me to introduce the Fried Double Nasty.  Appropriate to drop the Sir as there is nothing honorable about this sandwich.  As I type, Lacey asked what’s a fried double nasty?  Well, sweets!  Spread some Great Smokey Mountain Cheeze (courtesy of the Vegan Diner cookbook) on the insides of the top and bottom pieces of bread.  Sprinkle chopped onion on the cheeze.  Fry a couple Herbed Breakfast Patties (also courtesy of the Vegan Diner cookbook).  When done, plop the patties atop the cheeze and then fry the bread.  Finish it with a swirl of Sriracha, marry the halves and make it go away.  Which I have done and could not be happier.

Be well!

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