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Missoni Bike for Target on eBay

I heard on the radio (a Telefunken bajazzo de luxe, it was)…

…that Target started selling the Missoni line yesterday and that everything sold out.  They said the stuff is already up on eBay, so I looked for the bike.  Seventy-four of them are listed.  I didn’t look at each listing, but one has a buy it now price for $1,900.  The bikes were offered by Target for $400.  I will not be surprised if it and all the others sell.  If even one of these bikes sells for $1,900, it might be the quickest value appreciation of any bicycle ever.  I wonder what they will sell for in 20 years?  Did I miss the boat on the next Bridgestone XO-1?  Probably not, but only time will tell.

What else?  I dropped off for repair my hifi amplifier.  It is at Tempo Electric in Troy, NY.  The principal, Joseph Levy, spent the good part of an hour with me answering my 101-level questions about this amp and his plans for it, his business practices, his gurus, skyrocketing prices of gold and silver, the durability of US made valves  and so on.  This conversation took place in his small but tidy workspace.  Bins with what seemed like every possibly useful capacitor and resistor ever made lined his workbench.  He had on display (presumably for his aural entertainment) the first monoblock amps he made.  They used Heathkit chassis that were stripped of all components and rebuilt with the finest parts of the day.  Things of beauty they were.  On his bench was a vintage phono preamp made in California that had recently belonged to Mr. Levy’s business partner, Dr. Arthur Loesch.  It had been sold on eBay to a purchaser in Korea.  The buyer had asked Mr. Levy to replace capacitors and resistors and convert the unit for 240v use.  Mr. Levy is going to listen to my unit, then take it apart and look it over.  He will send three suggested parts lists with budget, bang for the buck and price is no option premium parts.  I am very optimistic that this project is going to turn out beautifully.  It should be back in a month.  Anticipation is one of my favorite states.

Anything else?  I had a garage sale this weekend.  Sold one of three bicycles offered.  The Goodrich is no longer with us.  Turns out it is easy to sell bicycles if you price them at next to theft level prices.  The bicycle came into my life for free, but I had added what I recall to be $60 Schwalbe Fat Frank tires, a smaller NOS one-inch pitch chainwheel, some NOS Schwinn grips and a bell.  I priced it at $50 and the fellow offered me $35.  I said ok and then he said he was going to resell in in Provincetown.  Provincetown!  I could have been sad that I let myself be taken.  I could have been sad that the bicycle may very well be left to rust while chained to a utility pole (only Nelson “The Cheetah” Vails could make this thing go up the steep hills of Provincetown).  I felt none of those things.  Not only was I happy to be able to let a bicycle go, but Provincetown is a lovely place for this wonderful bicycle to spend its final decades.  Good wishes to you, Goodrich!

I hope you are well.