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Adventures in 1981

These four pages from the Bikecology Summer 1981 catalog scream adventure!  First, water bottles and Huret Multito cyclometers (odometers).  I rarely pedal far enough to bother carrying water, so water bottles represent adventure to me.  Going far enough to need to carry water.  Will I be leaving civilization with its coffee shops and water fountains?  Better bring water.  Otherwise, whatever.  I will stop.  The Huret odometers are a delight in retro tech.  I have three.  One mounted.  I don’t generally care about distance and when I do, I just map my ride later to find out what happened.  Even so, these things just look cool.  What is up with the Bugger III by Cannondale?  Apparently the marketing department didn’t get out much.  Panniers!  I bought a pair of the Eclipse Professional panniers as a kid.  Still have them.  Sadly, they haven’t been used to tour save for one overnight about 30 years ago.  Oh well.  They are ready when I say go.  Handlebar bags!  I bought the Professional bar bag, too.  That saw more use.  A well designed and manufactured bar bag is a fine thing.  This is a good example.  Also a smattering of O.M.A.S. titanium bits.Racks by Jim Blackburn.  I am a lifelong fan.  I have some super fine Nitto racks, but there will always be a collection of Blackburn racks and water bottle cages spread around my collection.  Simple cool.  Fun pages!  Gear up a bicycle and leave your house behind.  Earthquakes don’t knock tents over.  Life on the road.  I have never known it, but it is a romantic fantasy I conjure up almost daily.

Be well!