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With seeds in the ground at both gardens, I have to water daily unless it rains.  Its nothing at all to get water on the home garden, but the community garden is a mile or so from my home.  I pedaled the ANT Light Roadster there today.  Still marveling at the joys rolling out of the Velosteel hub.  I love a good coast!  I brought seedlings to put in the ground.  Dinosaur kale.  Flat leaf kale.  Mustard.  They all fit in a closed box and the closed box was bungeed to my front rack.  A broad front rack is so very useful.  Bags on skinny rear racks work for so many loads, but sometimes the broad front rack works better.  The garden is really looking nice.

Yesterday friends visited on two bikes.  A trail a bike type thing was hooked to dad’s and junior was pedaling atop that.  Mom was pulling a Burley tot trailer in which a young pup was being transported.  They had been to the bike expo and enjoyed it very much.  Dad tested a Surley Pugsley (and thought it was a blast).  If I’d known there’d be odd bikes to sample, I would have been there in a flash.  I more or less refuse to ride other people’s bikes, but I would happily make an exception for a commercial tester.

I split with my friend a Sorghum Pale Ale from Steadfast.  Steadfast is the first beer offered to the public by a couple of guys from Oliver’s Beverage (where I buy beer for home).  The Pale Ale is brewed using sorghum, molasses, and American hops.  It is gluten free and carries a celiac friendly certification.  Very tasty.  It will not be my last bottle.  I wish them luck with their new adventure.

Be well!


Civility and Not

Albany tweed ride is, for us anyway, in the history books.  Warm memories are all I have.  Big thanks to Ethan for setting it up.  Big thanks to the Olde English Pub and Pantry for the round of drinks on the house.  Made mine a Wee Heavy from Bellhaven.  Yummers!  

The Olde English Pub is hella cute and the folks that care for visitors are super nice.  Go if you haven’t.  You won’t need encouragement for the return visit.  A few vegan items on the menu would be welcomed, though.  Keeping with the English theme, I suggest beans on toast, fake sausage and mashers, and maybe a veg curry and flat bread plate.  Easy way to make another 5% of the population feel welcome.  What do you say, friends?

Such great folks on the ride!  Six years have passed since I have had this feeling, and oddly enough it went down a few feet away from the Olde English.  We finished our first Albany Critical Mass ride, nearly seven years ago, at the Albany Pump Station, just across the alley.  There we met most of the folks that were to be our friends for the next six years (and hopefully many more), and were invited to a party where we met the rest of our local friends.  We met more wonderful folks today and with any luck and effort our group of friends will grow.  Ride pics here.  Joys all around.

On the way home a Saab beeped at us as it was passing.  It was a no beep situation, as we hadn’t delayed the car in any way, shape or form, but still the beep.  Lacey nearly jumped out of her skin.  Don’t cross my girl, fool.  I fantasized about reaching into my basket for my U-Lock and tossing the same at their rear window.  The daydream continued with  their window breaking, them stopping, and then I retrieve my lock and beat the driver silly for the needless honk.  It was a bad dream, mind, you.  I want to have nothing to do with bothering anyone, let alone hurting anyone, but the unwelcome fantasies arose with the unjust honk.  Glad to report I did nothing, but people need to behave.  Folks other than me may not be in control of their passions.  Just be nice, for heavens sake!  We are all neighbors!

On the whoopsie daisy front, I just bought a new to me bike.  A 1993 Bridgestone RB-2.  I bought it because I need one of its Ritchey Vantage Comp rims for my yellow RB-1 (the rear rim on my yellow RB-1 has a flat spot).  If the front rim on the RB-2 is perfect, I will move it over to the RB-1 rear and then replace the front on the RB-2 with a spare RB-1 front wheel I have on hand.  The spare wheel was purchased to solve the RB-1 flat spot problem, but the sticker is different (so it just won’t do).  I want the yellow RB-1 to be perfect.  Sickness flourishing.  Sigh.

Now it is time to batten down the hatches in preparation for the nor’ easter on its way here.  Should arrive in the next hour or so.  If I am reduced to talking about the weather, that’s enough from me.  How are you?  I sincerely hope you are tip top and happy as a fool.