Sixty degrees on November second.  I’ll take it.

I started the day with thirty minutes on rollers.  Fourth time this year, so I am hoping it sticks.  The longer rides I did this summer have made the transition to rollers, the very high resistance rollers, much easier.  Gone is the dread I’ve felt in past years.  I just get on and go.  It is nice.

After breakfast I pedaled to the garden to plant garlic.  Fifty cloves are now tucked a foot below the surface.  The collards and kale are still going strong.  I’ll have to pick, blanch and freeze a bunch soon.

Just now I pedaled a third time.  I climbed atop my ANT truss bike and pointed it downtown.  The bike did all the rest.  Felt like it anyway.  Simple bikes can be nice when there aren’t major hills on your route.  I enjoyed a roll around Washington Park and then came home.  On the way down I pedaled on Madison.  Despite my initial misgivings, the traffic calming seems to be working really well.  I pedal on the left edge of the bike lane to stay away from the doors and most motorists move left, some moving their left side tires into the turning lane, to give me plenty of room.  The speeds seem to be down, too.  So forget what I said before. More bike lanes, please!

It hasn’t been all biking.  Lately, Lacey and I have been taking long walks around town.  Five miles is typical.   They often involve a midway stop at a restaurant, thrift store or bar.  My favorite one was at night in the rain, under an umbrella, and included a stop at the Gastropub for a drink and then at Curry House for dinner.  Another favorite, which has been repeated many times, includes a stop at Berben & Wolff’s for food or a cupcake.  We couldn’t easily walk that far as Frida slowed.  It is great to be back out there, but it would be fun to have a younger dog along for the journey.  Don’t get me wrong–it would be even more fun to have Frida.  I miss her so much.  We’re looking casually.  I find myself on a couple of sites every other day, but I half hope we wait a bit more.  I have some trips I’d like to take.  That said, if the right dog shows up, I doubt we’ll be able to resist.

After lunch I pickled four more quarts of Padron peppers.  Last of the season, as the plants have been pulled out, but I think we now have seven quarts in the house.  It’s going to be a spicy winter.

Two cookbooks showed up yesterday.  I had preordered both long ago and then forgot about them.  I didn’t think of it until now, but the authors must have asked Amazon to ship so that they’d arrive on World Vegan Day.  I think there was a big shindig in Melbourne, Australia.  Folks on Twitter seemed to enjoy themselves.  Most tweets involved bemoaning, or was it celebrating, how much they ate.  I suppose I’d be tempted to overdo it, too.


I’ve paged through both and it looks like they will be put into heavy rotation.  The Homestyle Vegan recipe for onion rings caught my attention and thirty minutes later I was enjoying them.rot

Crazy thing is the recipe uses no oil.  The rings are dunked in a wet dip of flour milk and starch and then dredged in a dry dip with panko, cornmeal and other special spices.  Then a mere twenty minutes in the oven.  It’s clear they are oil free, but half way through chewing my first bite and I didn’t care a bit.  So crispy.  So tasty.  So easy.  Again please. fc

The recipe made too much of the wet and dry battering dips, so while the rings were baking I dredged a couple of sticks of Daiya block cheese and fried them in peanut oil.  Glad I only made two and that Lacey ate half of one.  I would have eaten as many as existed.  I shouldn’t repeat that behavior very often!rib

I am going to try to get us to go to Mexican Radio in Schenectady for dinner tonight.  It is the last night of their expanded vegan menu in celebration of World Vegan Day and Day of the Dead.  It will be my chance to overeat like the good folks in Melbourne.  Wish me luck.

Hope you are well.

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