Still Here

Feeling pretty well today, so I decided to pedal a few errands.  It wasn’t easy to get out the door.  I could run through the process, but the punchline is this–I was scared.  I hung a few charms on body and bike–a bright orange hoodie for me and blinkies front and rear for my ANT Light Roadster.  After adding some air to the tires, I was off.

Down Western to the library to return a book–a Murakami novel Lacey had finished.  Next northwest to my friend’s home.  I wasn’t able to say hi, but I am glad to have tried.  Then west to the garden.  Chill in the air reminded me it is about time to take the hoses home.  Peppers, tomatoes, crowder peas and greens are still producing, but the warm weather lovers are near the end.haul-09-24-16

Finally home.

Our driveway never looked so welcoming.  It was outwardly a very nice ride.  All road users were super safe and polite.  No racing engines.  No close passes.  No horns.  Thank you.  I needed that.

Inside wasn’t so tranquil.  I was on edge.  I did things like stop when I had the right of way to make eye contact with with a motorist before proceeding though an intersection.  Zero assumptions were made.  I can’t pedal that tentatively forever, but I hope I won’t stray far from it.

Although today’s ride wasn’t the most fun I’ve had on a bicycle, I was very glad to be out there.

I haven’t driven a car yet.  I’m as nervous about that as I am pedaling.  Those pesky things are simply too heavy and fast.  So much responsibility.  I’ve long felt that way but do a bit more so today.  But I will drive and I will do so very safely.  As I always do, but there may be a bit of extra caution added around the edges.  At times I may go a bit under the speed limit.  While stopped, I may look three times before traveling through intersections.  Etc.

Frida’s rememberation station is to my right as I type.  Lacey and I paid a formal visit to it earlier today and she asked if I had thanked Frida for helping me through my collision.  I had already bowed there in gratitude, but I spoke the words this time.  I will continue to thank her and the sum total of the world for helping me through that awful day.

I wrote to Joe Bell to ask if he’d repair and repaint the Rivendell.  He said it was toast–it would never be the same.  I appreciated his candor.  He suggested I remove the head badge as a memento.  It is a swell badge.rivendell-headbadge-09-23-16

I am going to get back to it.

Thanks for listening.  Be well.


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