I’m still enjoying pedaling the suburban, country, trail and urban loop.  Yesterday was dicey, though.  Dense fog had me going slow and on edge for sixteen of the eighteen miles.  Would have been better if I had lights with me.  As it was, I was solely responsible for my safety.  Kind of like always, but worse.  I won’t go out in predicted fog without good blinkies again.

The longer rides are giving me great condition for the only event I really care about–getting groceries by bike.  Today I hooked up my trailer, talked to a neighbor about his new patio, pedaled to the co-op, bought three bags of groceries (including a lot of bulk stuff which you know takes a bit more time), pedaled home and put the groceries away in under an hour.  Might be a record, but I don’t keep records.  It felt good and that’s enough for me.

Lacey and me recently enjoyed a week at Spitfire Lake with friends.  A magical place.  I was most struck by the quiet.  Motorboats are allowed but there weren’t many.  Maybe ten a day and none after five.  The loons were the loudest thing going most evenings.  It probably helped that it was late in the season and that we stayed Wednesday to Wednesday, but there is no need to analyze it too carefully.  It was perfect.img_4691

The camp is accessible only by boat.  Although our host would have run us to our car if we had wanted to buzz around on day trips, we didn’t want to leave the area and didn’t.  The furthest we strayed was in a canoe through a slough to the western edge of upper St. Regis Lake.  Two hours round trip.  We had set out to find, and found, a dock and a trail that lets visitors connect to a main trail up St. Regis Mountain.  We’ll do that next year.  There is also a nice three mile loop that leaves right from the camp.  Did that twice.  Self propelled adventures are the best.

We also took a small motorized fishing boat through a different slough to Lower St. Regis Lake to enjoy a lunch at Paul Smith’s College.  The cafe is staffed entirely by second year students who rotate through all the jobs.  The food was amazing.  A little too haute for every day eating but as a treat it was just the ticket.

The campers took turns cooking lunches and dinners, but I was happy to get to cook a nice hash in this beauty.  img_4671

The last two camps I’ve been to have had Griswold cast iron skillets.  That will be my next kitchen purchase.  Have to save up a bit.  They are well known and eBay prices are high.  The hash?  Potatoes, carrots, onions, a Padron, garlic scape pesto, tofu and a couple of spoonfuls of marinara gave me a heaping plate of hot, happy breakfast joy.  I should have taken a picture.  Thing was, I was parking my phone in our room and barely touching it.  It was used so sparingly that I didn’t have to charge it for three days!  Try it some time.  Amazing.

We are missing Frida so much.  We’ve set up what we’re calling the Rememberation Station.   Corny, but under the circumstances, we’re allowed.  It contains most everything Frida used during her twelve years with us.  Except her cart.  That I still use most every day.  Makes me sad, but a fella needs to haul things by bike, you know?


Although we’re not balling our eyes out, there is a baseline weight in my heart that hasn’t varied since we said goodbye.  It will subside but I am not anxious to feel well again.  I want to miss her.

Friends are sending pictures they had on their phones.  We’re loving seeing pictures we haven’t seen before.  Like this one.  img_4745

Send one or a hundred if you have any.  Each one is like a little digital visit from our beloved girl.

Hope you are well.  Speak to you soon.


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