More Time

One year ago we drove an hour and a half to watch our nephew play soccer.  Lacey’s sister had often seen dogs at games at this field, so we didn’t investigate further before bringing Frida.  

We were greeted by a no dogs sign at the gate.  If it weren’t for the drive, we’d have turned around right there.  I like following rules.  But I also hate wasting gas and wanted to see my nephew play.  Someone in line echoed Lacey’s sister and said we should walk right in.  We did.  Phew.  
Frida sat under my chair to stay out of the sun.  15 minutes later an authority type figure said we’d have to leave.   Someone had complained.  Sigh.  We left.  

Flash forward to last weekend.  My nephew was again playing at that field.  We weren’t there but got a report he’d scored four goals and dedicated them to “Frida’s revenge.”  First, four goals.  Wow.   Second, he remembered Frida had been ejected and cared enough to think she needed revenge.   What a sweetie, he is.
Although he scores hat tricks pretty often, I’m going to believe Frida was in his legs on that field.  She finally got to watch him play and help from within his body.  Four legs are better than two.  

I’ll get to watch him play this weekend.  I’m really looking forward to it.  Only wish corporeal Frida could be there with us.  Onward. 

Have a great weekend.  


2 responses to “More Time

  1. She is visiting you in so many ways. xo

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