IMG_4638This morning I pedaled the 18 mile suburban, country, trail, city loop (the “SCTCL”).  Left at 6:00 am, so I didn’t have to share much with anyone.  Four deer, three people and one car (excluding for convenience the people and cars on the final city leg).

I was delighted to find that Frida has inhabited my body and assisted my efforts with her strong legs.  I floated up hills which were previously a struggle.  I cried a little but mostly smiled.  I sang a song about Frida that came to me as I pedaled.  It was beautiful and is now gone.  My favorite kind of song.


Lacey reminded me that Frida had watched me bike all her life.  For years from the curb and in the last year from her trailer.  Now she can get on the bike and go a bit faster since the trailer full of corporeal dog wasn’t behind us.  Today she saw local sights she had previously not seen despite living here for eleven years.  I think she had a ball.  I did.

Back at home, Lacey mowed the lawn and I took down the Frida proof fence around our backyard garden.  Cleaned up the weeds that were hard to pull because of the fence, and weeds between the rows.  Closer to my standards now.

I can’t thank you enough for all the sweet calls, notes, gestures and comments.   My sincerest hope is I will be able to cook for each and every one of you someday.  You’re all wonderful.

Have a wonderful day.  Maybe Frida will visit you, too, to say thanks in person for all you’ve done for her.  Maybe you’ll pedal a bit faster, sit a bit more quietly or enjoy more than ever before a walk in your town.

A tip of my hat to you from the three of us here in Albany.

2 responses to “Oxygen

  1. I was feeling worried every time I clicked on your blog for over a year now. And I was even more worried when I missed a week or more, in case I miss the news. And now what I’ve been so worried about has happened… I am so sad for you! You and Lacey have done an amazing job taking care of Frida! I only wish such good companions for all dogs as the two of you were to her. You are good people, thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with me from afar. I always enjoy your ramblings. Thinking of you!

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