Next Day

Decant a good ferment on a cloudy day when sour is in the air.  Like today.  Four quarts sauerkraut and four pints of beets.

Ferments 08.31.16

Except it’s hard, under those conditions, to make a good photo.  I think the photo below is from the first day Frida was in our lives.  Early days, anyway.


Frida hasn’t visited me yet.  I’ve been really still, listening.  No dreams either.  I’m patient.  Lacey is feeding me memories–a life sustaining IV drip.  I’m stitching together our video clips of Frida into a movie.  Twelve minutes so far.  I could watch it on a loop for days.  Glad I don’t have a VR headset or I would sink into it.  The mail carrier left in our box yesterday a letter from Hearts United (the shelter that shared Frida with us).  Just a periodic request for support, but it was spooky and heartwarming.  Friends on the other coast called Little Anthony’s and had them deliver pizza, ziti, salad and garlic bread.  It tasted so good.  So many kind notes from warm souls. Thank you all very much.  It really helps to know you’re out there.

I’m going to be with Lacey now.  Have a great day.  Speak to you soon.

2 responses to “Next Day

  1. I found your blog a couple of years back and it’s one of 3 that I regularly read. As a vegan who primarily transports via bicycle, I was instantly drawn to your thoughtful voice. And, Frida, well…she had me totally hooked! At the time I discovered you guys, I had devoted several months to nursing my parent’s canine friend of 16 years and my own feline friend of 17 years! It has been almost a year since they both passed and I still ache for them as I imagine you do and always will for your sweet lady. It is excruciating to watch a beloved friend struggle and, also, to decide when exactly you are doing them a disservice with your efforts. You have done an amazing job caring for Frida; I know the patience and love required by one-kibble-at-a-time meals and 1 mph mile walks. It has been deeply heart-warming how much you and your wife have prioritized Frida’s happiness and well-being. She must have known how much you adored her! Of course, I know full well how much she deserved every last bit. I’ll definitely keep reading your blog although, I must say, Frida’s addition will be sorely missed! Take care<3

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