Again with the country loop including the trail.  This time I really think I have it dialed in.  Still Krumkill then Fontgrove, but at the T, turn left to stay on Fontgrove rather than right for Upper Fontgrove.  This part of Fontgrove terminates at New Scotland just before the Toll Gate, eliminating a number of blocks on busy New Scotland.  About two blocks to the trail.  Then one more tweak.  After the trail, instead of staying on Pearl to Madison, climb 2nd Avenue then continue on Whitehall.  The climb up 2nd Avenue is brutal, but this version of the route has much lighter traffic and avoids the cobbles at each intersection along Pearl.  Those cobbles!  So pretty but you’d do well to have a widish tire and well snugged bolts.

By the way, why does Google Maps write in words Second Avenue but all the other Avenues are denoted by numerals, i.e. 1st Avenue, 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue?  My Jimapco map of Albany writes them all with numerals.  Jimapco–maps to swear by… not at.

I started at 5:30 am and enjoyed foggy fields in twilight, a beautiful sunrise, eight deer, eight rabbits, one dog and a very safe pass by a CDTA bus along 2nd Avenue.  Nineteen delightful miles.  Done at 6:50, so 14 mph, just as my guru recommends.

Lacey was just gearing up to walk Frida, so I joined in.  One of the reasons I pedaled briskly–I’d rather not miss a walk with my two best friends.  IMG_4550

Found four vintage sports mags on the garbage station at the pond.  Too wet to handle, but the covers!FullSizeRender

Ate a non-standard breakfast at home.  IMG_4552

Rice, collards, black beans, peanut curry sauce and some pepper walnut sauce from Nora’s Lebanese Grocery.  Sometimes there aren’t enough non breakfast meals in the week to use up our leftovers, so I have to skip cereal for breakfast and instead chip away at the abundance of delicious food we make and acquire.

That’s enough for one day, but it is only 9:40 am.  The rest will be bonus fun.  I can’t wait.

Enjoy your day.


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