Maladie du Jour

Why French?  iTranslate is patiently waiting to be queried.  Frida 08.10.16

Frida’s mouth seems good.  She’s eating soft food and isn’t exhibiting pain.  I’ve started making a pudding by grinding in the food processor her kibble, brown rice and water.  To that I add canned meat, salmon just now, and give the bowl a quick warm in the microwave.  She loves it.  I didn’t want to put her kibble in our food processor, but I had to remind myself that omnivores grind meat in appliances, wash them well and then use them to process fruits, veg and beans.  Gross, but Frida.

Unfortunately, now we’re concerned that Frida’s pain pills and antibiotics have constipated the poor girl.  This is serious business.  As of this morning, we’ve stopped the pain pills, added probiotics and a little pumpkin to her food and reached out to her vet.  It is important to keep her walking so this morning, despite a healthy rainfall, we managed to get her around our block (0.75 miles).  We’re humbly requesting that entreaties for the appearance of Frida poop be directed to your favorite gods, goddesses and/or non-theistic wish granters.  Thank you in advance.

[Update!  Your entreaties are strong!  It stopped raining and I’ve made a second, finer, scan of the grass and found three poops!  Maybe this scare was unfounded!]

[Argh!  Second Update!  Your entreaties are too strong!   Please dial back!  She just passed a very loose stool!  There is such a thing as too much winning!  Trying to laugh through it all.  Someone is getting her pain pills back!]

In other sunless news, the City has again closed my request to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor at the end of our block.  Their response is nearly a mirror image of their prior–I’ve been invited to push the button for the crosswalk.  With all due respect, duh.  What do you think I’ve been doing for two years?  I’ve reopened the case.  I’ll stop reopening the case when they assure me they’ve tried to increase the sensitivity of the existing sensor.  It isn’t too much to ask.  They’d be there in a heartbeat if a sensor didn’t see cars.

It’s eye opening to experience second-class citizen treatment because I sometimes ride a bicycle.  A maladjusted traffic light sensor and close passes don’t put me in the same universe as those who really struggle, but I’ve been given a tiny taste of what it’s like to be ignored.  But I am a fan of humility so thanks, City, for forcing on me a little extra.

It isn’t all bad here just now.  In fact, all other aspects of our life are more or less pleasant.  It’s just that today I need to air the bummers.  Thanks for reading.  I promise I’ll share something uplifting soon.  Until then, know that we are thinking of you and wishing we could hop on our bicycles and pedal to your neighborhood to share a tea or beer.  Cheers, okay?

4 responses to “Maladie du Jour

  1. Miralax! No kidding, it’s the best.

  2. Spoken like any parent, “Gross, but Frida.” That was my fav line.
    If you need it in the future – a less pharma approach you could try is a little flax oil and oatmeal. You could add a bit to the mix you’re already making.

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