Sitting Still

So humid here!  Move and inch and I sweat.  I am often moving, so I am often sweating.  Uncle!Frida 07.24.16

Dear Frida is moving too.  Still walking more than a mile a day, most days.  Today 1.2 miles.  Perhaps slower than 1 mph at this point, but I am not putting a watch to her.

She is getting pickier about food.  Happy to skip a meal or eat only a bit if we don’t make it just so.  Just so just now is brown rice and Wysong canned critter, lightly microwaved, with kibble and cheese added after.  Sometimes she’ll get a little peanut butter gravy or sesame seed paste gravy, but that hasn’t been necessary of late.  Beef stock was happening but it didn’t seem to help much and it contained onion (toxic to dogs in even small quantities) so that’s no longer in our fridge.  And we have to feed almost all of it to her by hand.  If we put the bowl down she’ll sniff it, maybe take a bite and then walk away.  From our hands, though, she eats with gusto.  Gratifying when it works.  Crushing when it doesn’t.

Frida has probably had more varieties of vegan cheese than most beings on the planet.  She’s had two or three varieties of cashew cheeses I’ve made from Miyoko’s recipes.  The stinkier the better for her.  We’ve been out of homemade for a couple of days, though, so she’s enjoyed Daiya cheddar block and mozzarella shreds, too.  Since Daiya often lists “natural vegan flavors” on their packaging, I just asked whether any of their cheeses contain onion.  Dan from Daiya replied in a couple of hours with this:

Daiya Products that DO NOT contain Garlic or Onion:

Any of our Slices

Any of our Cheesecakes

Plain and Strawberry Cream Cheese Spreads

Cheddar, Jack and Smoked Gouda Blocks

Cheddar and Mozza Shreds.

Just what I needed to hear!  Funny about the cheesecake.   I wouldn’t have thought of feeding Frida cheesecake, and I am sure Dan was just being complete, but now that I see it in the list, maybe I have my excuse to buy a Daiya cheesecake and give it a try.  For Frida.  If there is some leftover, though…

The garden is making more food than we can eat.  Just moved form the counter to the fridge 2.5 gallons of dill pickles.  Those came out good.  Sauerkraut will be next.  Still have plenty of kimchi from last year.  Might make some sweet pickles, too.  Comforting for me, since that is what I grew up with.

There is a family from Afghanistan gardening a plot in our community garden.  Another gardener volunteers with the Department of State to help them get situated here.  The husband was a farmer, so a 10 x 20 plot must be a bit cramped.  They are happy to receive donations from our plots, so today I shared collards and cukes.  Both are growing really well now.  I wonder what they’ll make?  I wish I could try it!

Biking only for transportation these days.  I want to ride further but can’t seem to escape the gravity of home.  Work, Frida and chores offer plenty of excuses to keep a tight orbit, and I’ve relaxed into it.  Lacey and I did get to a movie at a theater yesterday–Hunt for the Wilderpeople.  Highly recommend it.  Good story, good acting, funny and the New Zealand scenery is always a treat.  Pro tip–Wilderpeople is pronounced like willed, as in wildebeest, not whiled.

CDTA and their pesky close passes.  Still trying to get the message out to all drivers.  I haven’t “enjoyed” any close passes of late but I haven’t been passed by buses at all.  Lucky timing, I guess.  The CDTA rep hasn’t shared the memo that he promised to educate drivers about the dangers and illegality of close passing and directing them to change lanes fully to pass.  We met May 4.  I wrote May 29.  He said “couple of weeks.”  I wrote July 5.  Nothing.  I’ll have to write again soon.  Sigh.  If anything, I’ve amassed a good collection of emails that I’d be sad and happy to share if your loved one gets hit by a bus.  The CDTA is on notice.  Should help in a lawsuit or settlement context.  Fingers crossed that no one will be hurt.  Fingers crossed.  Ha!  What kind of world do we live in that I have to rely on that?

Hope you are managing despite the climate.  Maybe leave your car parked for a day a week?  Maybe more?


2 responses to “Sitting Still

  1. Have you tried Wysong PDG for Frida?

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