Taking Requests

IMG_3901Garden.  Some wins.  Some losses.  Greens, beets, cukes and tomatoes are all headed in the right direction.  The shelling peas went nowhere.  Maybe ten pods, then dried up.  I pulled them out today.  The frisee went to seed really quickly this year.  Last year it produced all summer without getting bitter.  The bok choy went to seed well before the heads matured.  Now I have eight or so ratty looking heads of bok choy to prepare.  Bok choy anyone?  I have already made a saucy Chinese bok choy dish and a stir fried Chinese bok choy dish.  Today it was Korean–gochujang noodles with tofu and bok choy adapted from here.   So good!

I had bought and have been dying to use some fancy gochujang, so this dish was ticking at least a couple of boxes.  Here’s the recipe with my tweaks.




4 ounces dried noodles


2 Tbs Gochujang (recipe called for 4 Tbs—too spicy)
2 Tbs Soy Sauce
2 Tbs Sesame Oil
2 Tbs Rice Vinegar
1/2 Tbs Sugar


1 Pound Tofu cubed
1 Napa Cabbage quartered and chopped


Scallion and Peanuts chopped


Cook the noodles in boiling water according to the package instructions. Strain the noodles and rinse well. Drain and set aside.

Mix the sauce ingredients together and set aside.

Fry tofu in wok with oil.  Remove from wok.  Fry veg in wok.  When done, add in noodles, tofu and sauce.  Stir well.

Top with scallion and peanuts.

Also made a quick cucumber kimchi with the first three cucumbers from the garden.  Recipe in this post.  For this I was able to use for the first time this fancy gochugaru.

This summer I’ve bicycled no further than the garden, library and store.  I want and need to get out for some longer rides, but I have a handful of excuses getting in the way.  Here’s hoping I can put aside the excuses and enjoy the amazing weather we’ve been having here.  CDTA isn’t breaking records addressing my close passing concerns.  Thought I had some momentum, but it isn’t looking good.  I’ll ping them tomorrow.

Frida is doing great.  She is still walking at 1 mph, but she covers ground–typically one to two miles.  Sorry to say she’s becoming an increasingly picky eater.  Normal for an old dog, but we’ve never seen it (our only other dog died suddenly at 10 years of age).  Frida is showing us what old dogs can do!  It is not uncommon for her to skip a meal here and there.  As a result, she’s dropped three pounds.  We ran into our vet on a walk and she said Frida shouldn’t lose more weight, so we are getting creative when putting together Frida’s meals.  Things that have helped include dog biscuits from Berben & Wolff’s, Daiya block cheese, Miyoko’s aged cheddar (that I made), low sodium beef broth and a gravy I made by mixing equal parts peanut butter and water.  One or more of these add ons, plus more often than not hand feeding, have encouraged Frida to keep the kibble and meat heading down her hole.  It’s been tough.  A meal finished is a triumph but a meal rejected or half eaten is heartbreaking.

I’ve recently completed two decidedly not epic adventures.

First, I read all of Haruki Murakami’s 14 novels in the first six months of 2016.  I’m starting his four short story collections next.  I am obsessed with his work.

Second, I ate every sandwich on the menu at Berben & Wolff’s.  I am obsessed with their work.  I’ve enjoyed ten delicious sandwiches.  Not in one sitting, but over roughly six weeks.  I’ve had a few requests for guidance.  I’m not really into ranking things (Buddhists work hard to avoid dualistic thinking–for example any this is better than that sort of thing), so I propose you read the short menu and order the sandwich that matches your mood.  Now that I’m done working through the menu, I’ll let the weather be my guide.  Hot but still need to eat?  Tempeh chickpea salad or TLT.  Cold and really hungry?  Philly, reuben or sunflower burger.  In the mood for analogs?  Cubano, wing burger, breakfast sandwich (Lacey likes that this is served with fruit rather than chips) or BBQ jackfruit.  Not in the mood for analogs?  Mushroom po’ boy is wonderful.  I think that covers it.  Oh–desserts and sides are not to be missed.

It’s the 4th of July.  Keep your dogs inside and put on their ThunderShirts.  Close the windows.  Play music.  Comfort them.  It will be over soon enough.

Take care.


4 responses to “Taking Requests

  1. Christina Abbott

    Ahh! A blog entry! Love it. So nice seeing you both and Frida.

  2. Love it! I like to add swiss cheese to my chickpea tempeh salad sandwich at Berben and Wolff’s. They usually put it on before they toast it so it’s like a chickpea melt!
    And hooray to Frida! xo

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