Say There!

Frida at 15 on 06.01.16Frida turned 15 yesterday!  Lacey and I both quietly sang happy birthday to her at different times.  I like to picture Lacey singing breathily, like Marilyn Monroe to JFK, but I doubt it went down that way.  I also made Frida some biscuits, which she enjoyed.Frida's Birthday Biscuits 06.01.16

She ate three yesterday.  Seems like a lot, but I’m happy to give her as many as she wants.  She has been slow to eat her meals.  Still gets roughly 1.5 meals down the hatch each day, but that sometimes involves letting her food sit for hours until we feed her by hand.  I’m not terribly worried.  She weighs 43 pounds (a couple less than last year) and still has enough energy to walk (usually 1.2 miles a day and two miles today).  Frida walking 06.01.16

Although the timing was unfortunate, I took her to the ophthalmologist on her birthday.  Just a check up.   All went well.  She is producing tears at just under normal rates and has no corneal ulcers.

The doctor visit excepted, it was a perfect Frida birthday.  Quite and predictable, just the way she likes to spend her days.

Both literally and figuratively, I now have six of ten Berben & Wolff menu items under my belt.  All terrific!  The place was packed at lunch today.  They’ve made something that Albany understands and appreciates.  I can’t wait to see what the future brings to these fine folks.  And to the customers!

Both gardens are looking great.  I’ve already harvested herbs from the home garden (cilantro and African basil), and can start to bring home from the community garden lettuce, mustard greens and Napa cabbage as soon as I have recipes in mind.  Feels good to be back at it.

I’m not happy to say that today I witnessed a friend’s Ghisallo wooden bicycle rim explode.  Three blocks from his home, we had pulled over to check out some lawn art.   As we sat, the rim split it two, cracking along the spoke holes and letting go of the air in the tube all at once.  Like a gunshot.  Our hearts missed a beat, then saw the tire had come off the rim.  As we gathered our wits we saw the split in the rim and the spokes hanging loose.  The bike couldn’t be rolled.  He had to shoulder it three blocks to home.  Sad.  Such a pretty wheel.  The owner may have added a few too many pounds of air.  Looks like the maker recommends for this rim 4.5 bar (65 psi).  Seem as though my friend is not the only one to experience a pressure related failure.  They now  make rims with carbon fiber tire beds to permit higher pressures.  “Ultimate Optional.”  I guess if I wanted to enjoy wood rims I would consider those.  No one would have to know I was running carbon, with it neatly hidden from sight.

Meditation has been nice.  If you want thirty minutes to seem like an hour, just sit there.  Do it enough and you’ll feel you’ve doubled your life span!

Still reading Haruki Murakami–just now half way through his memoir about running.  Almost makes me want to run.  Almost.  Running was a pain as a teenager, so I can only imagine the misery I would experience today.  I’ll stick to biking.

The CDTA hadn’t been in touch about the close passing memo to operators, so I dropped a note.  They said the manager of safety is retiring and the replacement in transitioning into the post.  Said they should have a memo to share in a couple of weeks.  I saw an opportunity to steer the outcome, so I proposed the following:

Busses and bicycles can’t safely share a single lane side by side.  When passing a cyclist, fully leave the cyclist’s lane before starting the pass and don’t return to their lane until you’ve cleared the cyclist.  If you can’t fully change lanes, wait a safe distance behind the cyclist until you can.  This should apply to all passes, regardless of the number of lanes.

Sound good?  Should have also reminded drivers to slow when passing, but I don’t see that happening.  If they fully changed lanes, I’d be in heaven.

I hope you are well and enjoying summer!

4 responses to “Say There!

  1. Happy Frida New Year! What a fantastic angel she is, and so are her humans. It does my heart good to read your blog, Randal! _/|\_

  2. And entertaining blog enjoyed

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