Lazy Morning

Thanks to Lacey we’ve enjoyed six days of meditation first thing in the morning.  First time on the cushion in ten years!  Lacey doesn’t enjoy the Japanese aloeswood incense I have on hand (too smoky) so a box of Japanese smokeless is on the way.  Smokeless incense?   Who knew?Lilac

Friends invited us to join them at a soft opening for Berben and Wollf’s vegan delicatessen last evening.  Forever in their debt!

It’s great to again have a vegan restaurant in town.  Looks like this one is going to be the best yet.  Read my review here.  I think the joint is opening to the public this Tuesday, but check their Facebook page to be sure.  Oh–says they’ll be making puppy treats, too!  I’m wiring to them all my money now.  You’ll know where to find me for the foreseeable future!

I’m not on Facebook but have made my way there to check out Berben and Wolff’s feed.  Maybe it’s good that I’m not on FB.  Check out this comment about the excellent bread they are using.


I wish HM could have resisted sharing his views on veganism.  He looks old enough to know better than to expect perfection.  Veganism for me is about love.  Rock Hill deserves praise for their work to date and encouragement to keep up the progress.

Frida has walked one point two miles each day for four days in a row!  She is a miracle wrapped in the cutest fur coat you’ve ever hoped to snuggle.

I’m halfway through Haruki Murakami’s Sputnik Sweetheart–the ninth Murakami novel I’ve read in 2016!  Guess what?  Love it!

It’s Saturday.  Work party at the community garden in three hours and a Frida to walk before then.

Hope you have a terrific day!


2 responses to “Lazy Morning

  1. You are one happy guy. Life is good.

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