Goings On

Lacey asked me yesterday to meditate with her this morning.  She says she thinks it will be good for her, but I think she also believes it will be good for me.  She’s right.  Why haven’t I been on the cushion for a decade?zafu and zabuton 05.10.16

Then Frida walked 1.2 miles.  Her cart was at hand but unused.  This weekend she was closing her left eye.  We flushed it and added four times the normal number of comfort drops.  By Monday it was back to normal.  Wind, pollen, leaf pod casings–I don’t care so long so she is feeling at ease.

Frida 05.10.16

Jack, the caretaker of our local pond, aka the Mayor of Dogville, asked me to reach out to the city to protest the relocation of Carl (spelling guess)–his coworker and best pal–to the Corning Preserve.  I wrote to the city using the AlbanyWorks4You app.  Please consider doing the same (or you can add your support at this link).  Mom and Dad–You remember Jack and Carl, right?  While doing a bang up job keeping our pond looking perfect, Jack feeds biscuits to the dogs and Carl feeds the cardinal that still comes by daily for peanuts.  Yesterday the cardinal landed on Frida’s cart’s handle!

Next up I pedaled to the garden to water sprouts and seedlings.  I was the only one there, unlimited sunshine and perfect temperature together conspired to keep me there.  I should have given in, but I have a deal to close in an hour and a dog that sleeps better when she knows I am nearby.  Cabbage 05.10.16

Consider this ride.

Cycle the Sam 05.22.16

Cycle the Sam is a collaboration between Troy Bike Rescue and Capital Roots.   They will ride the length of the Uncle Sam trail, then some  will double back while others continue through Waterford, Cohoes, and Green Island.  The ride will be moderately paced and family-friendly.  It is in my calendar but I doubt I will go.  Too many hours away from my dearest Frida (and I’m not strong enough to pull her all that way).  If you can’t go, at least spread the word.  Doesn’t it sound fun?

I fixed my tube amp!  A bridge rectifier failed.  I had a spare on hand and soldered it in.  I was nervous as hell, but it worked out well.  My four puddles of solder are to the right of the screwdriver.  Tidy!

Bridge Rectifier Solder 05.08.16

This was my first soldering job on a board.  The bridge rectifier retails for $1.50, but I bought a multimeter, a new soldering iron tip and some soldering wick.  Would have been much cheaper to have my hifi guy do the work, but it isn’t fun lugging the amp there and back.  It’s heavy!  Probably next time, though.  It really is a job for a pro.

A friend reminded me to take care when inside as large capacitors can retain lethal charges for weeks after the amp is turned off.  The amp had been off for a month, but I used my multimeter to confirm that all of the capacitors had fully drained.  Next time I will make a device to safely drain the caps as soon as I open the enclosure.  I also read that this amp has resistors in the circuit whose job it is to quickly drain the caps when the amp is powered off.  Still have to check and best to manually drain and check each time.

A CDTA rep called yesterday about my most recent close pass.  Not the person with whom I normally speak.  She said she had spoken to the driver to explain their mistake and assured me this driver will not make it again.  She apologized and said it must be scary.  I agreed.  It is terribly so.  She said the drivers should know better, but not all do.  She said they have a lot of new drivers this year and was happy to hear that another in the CDTA is putting together a memo to all drivers requiring them to fully change lanes to pass cyclists.  She invited me to call if it happens again.  What a great call.  Things are going to get better.  I can feel it.  It’s probably the vitamin D talking, burt I don’t care why I am optimistic.  It is just where I want to be.

My parents’ dog is still missing.  Three weeks or a month, even.  Poor Annie.  Poor parents.  I hope they are reunited soon.

I need to go.  Take care.


3 responses to “Goings On

  1. Might want to reflow those two rightmost solder joints in the row just below what you resoldered – they look like cold/partially filled joints.

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