Very Little

I pedaled to the garden and pulled last years kale and broccoli from the ground.  The bleached stalks, like bones pushing out of dry soil in a yard of shallow graves, were each wrenched back onto my side of the soil divide.  I also turned two rows with a shovel and in one planted seeds that may become broccoli, kale and collards.  I didn’t start seeds in the basement this year, something I had done each spring for about 15 years.  Instead I’ll start seeds directly in the soil and buy seedlings.  Taking it easy.

Frida is doing amazingly well.  She recently passed the one year mark since her corneal ulcers healed.  What a year.  More importantly, she is also eating, sleeping, walking and barking at passersby.  Lacey and I delight each morning as we hear Frida’s nails clicking on the floor, almost always just after we pour milk on our granola.  Our granola is stout.  A ten minute soak as we take Frida out (carry her down the stairs), make her breakfast, bring her in (carry her up the stairs) and give her drops doesn’t register for oats dried in a 250 degree oven for 1.5 hours.

My parents dog, Annie, has been missing for more than a week.  Cairn terriers are hunters, engineered to chase prey down holes.  Probably lots of chasing for a terrier to do in the desert around Sedona.  I hope she makes it home soon.

There is some nice steel shelving on Eileen just off of Western.  Two pieces.  One tall and one short.  I was going to bring them home, but then I’d have more things.  I am working hard to not have more things.  You should go get them.  They look nice.  I did bring home a hand operated drill from the box of free tools.   There are bits of various sizes in the wooden handle which are secured by a screw-on wooden cap.  Now I have one more thing.  A small thing.

I voted in the primary but didn’t understand what my vote would mean until after the vote.  It’s a wee bit complicated.  In Albany County, the Democratic ballot allowed me to cast votes for one of two candidates and then also for seven of fourteen delegates.  Each candidate had seven delegates lines up to the right of their name and the instruction over the delegates said “vote for seven.”  I voted for one candidate and then assumed that the delegates to the right of that candidate’s name were pledged to vote for that candidate, so I voted for those seven.  Andrew of Keep Albany Boring confirmed that my assumption was correct–that the candidates to the right were pledge to that candidate.  Smart guy.  As I left the polling place, I wondered if that was the case.

Still, I had questions.  Someone had told me that voting for delegates was how we picked the candidate.  Then why was I also voting for the candidate?  A poll worker said the opposite–that only the vote for the candidate mattered and couldn’t explain why we were voting for delegates.  The answer is simple, but the best way to vote is not.  Votes for the candidate determine how many delegates that candidate will be awarded, and votes for the delegates determine which delegates will attend the convention.  Simple, but…

It is the rare case that one candidate will get all the votes.  More likely the candidates will split the number of available delegates, for example, three to Bernie and four to Hillary (odd that I am/we are referring to candidates by their first names), such that voting for all seven delegates to the right of a candidate’s name will likely be a waste of some of your votes.  If everyone voted for all seven delegates to the right of their candidate’s name, the vote would be a tie.  There are surely backstop rules to address this, but voters can/should instead vote for a couple of their candidate’s delegates and a couple of the other candidate’s delegates, thereby supercharging their vote for their candidate’s delegates of choice and also influencing the delegate selection in the other candidate’s camp.  Maybe you know the delegate or they’re local, so getting them to the convention will be a plus to your area or circle of friends.  There’s a bit more to it, and you can read all about it here.  Thanks to  of the Albany Times Union for pointing me to the article! 

I’d venture that less than one percent of voters understand all of this, such that our primary was like playing a big game of monopoly where only one person knows the rules.  You do what you do and they tell you, or not, whether you’ve done it right.  You just have to trust them.  That’s not right.  You wouldn’t do it when playing a game and you really shouldn’t when voting.

My window is open and I thought I heard my neighbor say that Prince just died.  Twitter confirms it.  My biggest Prince memory?  I took Tara Cooper to Purple Rain when it was in the theater.  The film came out in ’84 so I would have been 17.  Not sure how I gathered the nerve to ask her, but I certainly lacked the nerve to make it a good date.  I doubt I said more than a few words.  I took her home immediately after the film–it was the only way to end my monumental anxiety.  No second date.  My sincerest apology to Tara Cooper for being such a drip.  My sincerest thanks to Prince for making the date seem sexy despite me.

Take care.

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