Years ago a friend helped Torch Apparel Kickstart the manufacture of a very cool bicycle helmet.  Sadly, when his L/XL arrived, it was too snug.  Happy to know someone with a bigger head than mine.  The helmet fit me, so I bought it.


Having front and rear LED arrays built into a helmet is a step dozen steps up from my helmet of humility, but it still sat in my closet mostly unused for a year or so.   I couldn’t bring myself to uglify the Torch with a mirror (you know I love a mirror) and I almost never ride at night, so my Bell with mirror but without hiking lamp, has continued to be my go to.

A month ago I remembered the Torch.  It deserves to be used!  Plugged in the USB charger, but the lights didn’t indicate charging.  Huh.  Left it charge for an hour to see if was charging without telling me it was charging.  Nothing.  Wrote to Torch and explained that I am not the original owner and the helmet is out of warranty, but I wanted to try to bring it back.  I asked if I could open it up and replace the rechargeable batteries (no obvious way to open it).  Reply:

If you ship it me I’ll see what I can do.  No guarantee, but I may be able to replace the circuits to get a little life out of it.

I did, they did, and it is working like new.  No charge–I just paid shipping to them.  Extremely fast turn around.  Maybe a week?   They even paid return shipping.  I wouldn’t expect Torch to do the same for me again, or invite others to pester them with requests for free out of warranty repairs, but I wanted to share the story.   People who stand behind their products deserve to be recognized and rewarded.  When the rechargeable batteries in this first generation Torch helmet stop charging, I will happily saddle up for a new second generation model.  Thanks Torch!

Sad to report that on Saturday Frida fell down the stairs.  Not a crazy end over end fall.  Her tired legs gave up half way down and she slid to the bottom.  Her previously sore front right leg was now much more sore.   She didn’t want to walk at all and was at times lifting that leg when standing.  Gentle manipulation didn’t elicit pain response and there was no swelling, so we decided to give her a couple days rest and then take her in for x-rays if need be.  The rest was helping and she was much better by Tuesday, but I still took her in.  Outside the vet she walked without any hint of injury.  See?

Smart girl, but she wasn’t getting off that easily.  The vet concluded we should wait on the x-ray and continue the rest–give her a week total.  Frida is walking around the house and yard, but not going on walks.  She is putting weight on the injured leg and her gait, even away from the hospital, is much improved.  Unless something goes wrong, we’ll take her on a short walk this Saturday.  Fingers crossed.  We’re carrying her down the stairs now to be safe.  Probably for the rest of her life.  Forty-five pounder.  Quite a sack of potatoes, but worth the effort.  IMG_2826

I was also happy to learn Frida is now producing tears at a normal level.  Blue lines raced up the test strips in five seconds (a minute was required before).  We’ll keep alternating immunosuppressant drops and comfort drops every three hours, but it is great to know the medicine is working.Frida with Amy

Frida has had five reiki sessions.  I can’t say how she’d be doing without them–no control group–but I can tell she enjoys them.  Amy Adams is a really wonderful person.  If you ever want to give it a try, Amy can be found here.

How’d your St. Patrick’s day go?  I had just one Troeg’s Nugget Nectar in the company of my men’s Scrabble group.  A second beer would have been nice, but I was the carpool driver.  My night was quiet and very enjoyable.  I hope yours was too.  Enjoyable, that is.  Quiet, too, if that is your thing.


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