Sometimes a Fella

Sometimes a fella just wants beans on toast.


These beans!  I cook most of my own, but always have on hand a can or two of baked beans.  This time, the beans are Bar Harbor’s Yellow Eye beans.  Yellow Eye is a variety of white beans that some say have better flavor and a wonderfully creamy texture.  These were swell.  I’ll be back.  Local?  Hannaford’s.


A nifty pair of Will’s Vegan Shoes are now in my closet.  Desert boots in grey.  It is so easy to be vegan.


Frida is charging forward.  Slowly charging.  Walks have been shorter lately–three-quarters of a mile yesterday and a mile today.  Today Amazon will deliver a wheel that converts her Burley Tail Wagon bike trailer into a stroller.  Plan is to walk her and push the stroller.  When she tires, she’ll roll.  It’ll free us up to go whatever direction she wants without worrying whether she’ll have the juice to make it home.


Cycle of life?  My parents recently brought home Annie!  Isn’t she a darling?!Annie

A locally rescued Cairn Terrier who came into the shelter with three pups.  The pups were adopted first and then my parents found Annie.  I am so happy for the three of them!

Frida needs her midday eye drops and the mailman just left–maybe Frida’s wheel arrived!

Take care.


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