A Moment

This is sort of a big deal for me.    

 I grew up eating roast beef sandwiches.  My favorites were made by my grandmother.   Thick cuts on buttered bread.   Simple and pleasing.   

I’ve been making my own seitan for more than a decade.    Yesterday I made Miyoko’s unsteak.   Baked, then boiled, it didn’t have a lot of flavor until step three–a 24 hour soak in wine, mirin and tamari.  I won’t return to old recipes anytime soon.  

I’m not vegan because it is healthy, but I appeciate those benefits.  I am vegan because my first dog showed me that animals are not here to serve me.  They’re here for the same reason I am–no reason at all–but it is now clear that all of the rights I want for myself should be theirs to enjoy.  

So Frida crawled up on the bed as I wrote and helped herself to half of my seitan.   The bigger half.   She doesn’t really do that.  She is generally polite.   She doesn’t care for veggies.   This seitan must smell good to her too.    

 I’ll finish the rest of my sandwich before she gets any more bright ideas.  

Take care of yourselves and the lives of your neighbors.   Who are your neighbors?   Anyone who needs your help.    


2 responses to “A Moment

  1. Frida! Naughty girl!

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