Best Breakfasts of 2016

It is not too soon to proclaim that I’ve produced the best two breakfasts of 2016, vegan category, in Albany county (“BBVCAC2016”).  Sooner the better, actually, as my competition is as thin as it will be just now.  Although we were up until 1:00, my rock solid internal clock had me up at 6.  Also helped that I was the designated driver.  One side car cocktail, which was delicious (thank you again to our wonderful hosts), during our three hour stay was just the ticket.  On to the winners.

Muffin pan omelets from @IsaChandra were a first for me.  Her recipe called for 14 ounces of silken tofu, but my box was 12 so I lightened up on the water and filled 9 rather than 12 wells.  Also, since I had it, I grated fresh tumeric rather than use the dried called for in the recipe.  Really terrific mini omelets!  I’ll be back.   ing

The sautéd vegetables included spinach, mushrooms, roasted garlic, jalapeño and

These two elements were combined in the first BBVCAC2016–a sandwich on ciabatta toasted with @MiyokoSchinner coconut oil butter and breakfast sausage again by @MiyokoSchinner.  This was the best breakfast sandwich I’ve had, including the Sir Nasty I wrote about here.  Good start, but if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why stop at one?fl

Lacey had made cashew cream with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes from a recipe by @ChloeCoscarelli.  Lacey reserved a cup of the sauce for emergencies.  Since we are unlikely to encounter an emergency more dire than an impromptu second breakfast, I cracked the seal.  Again with the toasted ciabatta, the mini omelets, the sautéd veg and now Lacey’s delicious sauce.  A Florentine thing, and it bested the BBVCAC2016 established moments earlier.

I’ll stop while I’m (well) ahead (of my typical breakfast calorie count).  That said, if you’d like to submit an entry for BBVCAC2016, give me a ring.  I’ll drop by for a sample.  I may need a second to get there as I should walk or pedal.

Last night was the 24th anniversary of my engagement to Lacey.  Frida is with us for a new year.  It is above freezing and I don’t need to shovel.  These are nice.  LnR

Have a swell year, each and every one of you.

2 responses to “Best Breakfasts of 2016

  1. THANK YOU for this. You are so fantastic!!!

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