Steady State

Work.  It is the season.  I’ve summited the mountain of time sensitive details coincident with a year-end crush at “the office.”  All that remains is waiting for the world to catch up and respond to my requests.  Oh, and see if I can find where I left what remains of my patience.  Let me know if you’ve seen it.  I really should look into getting insurance to cover that.

Food?  Yesterday gave rain most of the day so I stayed inside.  I invited a friend to lunch to share a bowl of vegetable soup of which I am pretty proud.  White beans and kale from my garden, potatoes, orzo, homemade stock and way too many onions.  Daniel Berman had written recently about a similar soup, so thanks to him for the inspiration.  Such a help to get a nudge in a direction in the kitchen.  At the end I added half a cup of white miso.  Whisk the miso in a separate bowl with a ladle full of hot broth to loosen it up before adding it.  Otherwise you’ll work too hard to get it evenly incorporated.  Miso really made the soup–three cheers for umami.  It’s not much to look at, but I like

Something that looks better?  Parivar’s house made carrot and mango pickle fills the bill.  So delicious.  If you haven’t tried their pickles, please enjoy your incomplete life as best as you are able.  They don’t show up on your tray when you order dosas (or anything else).  You have to ask for them.  Then ask for a pint to take home.  Bring a jar.  You won’t be sorry. cmc

Bicycles?  My friend shared with me a short paper by Mr. Charles Meinert entitled Bicycling in the Hudson-Mohawk Region of New York State:  1870-1900.  Today I pedaled a seven mile loop which passed through Washington Park, so I stopped at 42 Willet Street, which on August 24, 1880 was the home of Robert Shaw Oliver.  It was at that address that Mr. Oliver met with twelve men to form the Albany Bicycle Club (the first bicycle club in the area).  Mr. Oliver was President of the club because he had brought from England to Albany the first bicycle to be ridden on the streets of our town.  Can you imagine?  I’ll wait for a second while you do.

Reading a bit more I learn that Melvil Dewey, the same fellow who invented the Dewey decimal system, was a resident of Albany and an avid pedaler.  While residing at 315 Madison Avenue, Mr. Dewey wrote a paper extolling the virtues of asphalt road surfacing, which he shared with neighbors to create support for his plan to have the street in front of his home paved.  His efforts paid off and the asphalt street in front of his home became the favorite place for cyclists in the city.  Next time you think bicycles don’t belong on the road, instead change lanes to pass and thank Mr. Dewey for getting the roads paved.

There is so much more.  If you want to read this paper or any of the dozen others authored by Mr. Meinert, I can share with you his email address and you can be in touch to get copies.  [Update:  I wrote to the email and it bounced.  :  (  Google isn’t turning him up.  Someone please check Facebook.  Charles W. Meinert.  Possibly in Delmar, NY].  Frida Asleep 12.18.15

Frida?  She is still at it.  More than half of her meals are taken in bed, but she may simply prefer the luxury of eating whilst lying atop a mattress.  She’s also slowing even more on her daily walks (this is fast), but she is still insisting on them, early, and picking at every intersection the direction which results in a longer walk.  Bless her.  I’ll need that patience once the snow shows up.  Closer to two hours per walk than one.  The warm weather has saved me thus far.

Cookies?  I rarely buy them but yesterday I did from the Honest Weight Food Coop.  Their Zen vegan cookie.  Something like grains, nuts, raisins and chocolate chips.  Some sweetener and some oil surely.  Perfect, really.  If you get an attack of the lazies, go buy one or a tray to bring to the office party.  Take off the lid (emblazoned with the dirtiest word vegan) and even middle aged men who’ve failed to overcome food phobias will be coming back for seconds.  Note to people who won’t try new food–you look older than four, so stop eating like a four year old.  Try new things already!     

Music?  On Wednesday Lacey and I enjoyed two of artists formerly known as Squeeze at the Troy City Music Hall.  Lacey is the life long fan and I am a recent inductee.  Quite a show.  Lacey knows her stuff.

You know it–it is time for drops for Frida’s eyes.  Enjoy your weekend.  Pass safely.

4 responses to “Steady State

  1. Got a laugh out of your “stop eating like a four year old” comment. My parents are like that. My mom has daringly asked me to make dinner on Boxing Day*, so I am making feijoada. It’s vegetarian & I will put kale in it, but I won’t tell my parents because they wouldn’t eat it if they knew.

    * I just googled that. It’s not the holiday I thought it was.

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