To the River

aadec15It is fifty-seven, so I pedaled my ANT Alfine down the hill to the Hudson.  The river was beautiful in the sunshine.  I had planned to ride the trail for a distance, but it was so bumpy I opted to ride on the streets.

After exiting the trail I was soon on Broadway about a block from Wolff’s Biergarten.  Matt Baumgartner had tweeted he was hosting an informational meeting for Uber drivers and that the place was packed.  One cab was trolling around.  A SPY?   No.   They probably wanted to sign up.  I didn’t stop in–no lock and beer before evening generally isn’t my way.  I’ll bet all the drivers are really excited, but it is tough to make a living as an Uber driver.  After netting out gas, maintenance, insurance and fees to Uber, drivers aren’t left with much.  Is this enough to keep conscientious customers away?  I haven’t heard of anyone living in an Uber town and boycotting the service in solidarity with the drivers.  Have users thought much about it?  I’ve read a fair amount, none of it good, but will still probably use the service when it comes.  Our cabs are that bad and Uber drivers can quit if it doesn’t work for them.

My friend sent an article covering the application of the decentralized blockchain model used by alt currencies to transportation and room sharing industries.  Removing Uber corporate from the Uber model, or AirBnB, leaves more money for the drivers and hosts.  Interesting times.

I love pedaling up the hill on Clinton Avenue.  I stopped after a block to remove my hat and gloves.   The hill is just steep enough to feel like work and it goes on and on.  I then had to unzip my jacket and unsnap my shirt.  Just a t shirt between me and the breeze on a mid December day.  What a terrific ride.

Lacey surprised me with Roberto Martin’s New Vegan Cooking book.  It looks very promising, focusing on whole foods and few ingredients.  Lots of things I want to try right away, but so far I’ve only made Roberto’s Tofu-Rizo.  Incredibly easy and delicious.  I added a Tbs of smoked paprika to his spice list, though, and I would do so again.  I was surprised the recipe didn’t call for the tofu-rizo to be cooked.  I sautéed mine for about ten minutes because of the use of dried peppers.  Most of my dried peppers come in ziplock bags without labels from our Mexican grocery.  Most appear clean but some have visible dirt.  And we know that appearances can be deceiving.  The New Mexico chilis I bought from Amazon came in a bag that instructed cooking the peppers to 165 degrees, presumably to kill any bacteria remaining on the peppers.  I suppose you could try to clean dried peppers before use but some are so heavily textured that it wouldn’t be easy and probably not effective.  Better to cook your Roberto’s soy-rizo to be safe.

Frida needs drops.  You need to get outside!  Take care.

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