The Sound of No Turkeys Gobbling

Yesterday I pedaled the same loop I’ve been pedaling for days in a row, this time aboard the ANT Balvenie truss bicycle.  A very fine bicycle.  Every single motorist was as safe as can be.  It was fun.  Thank you Albany.  ATB

Before the ride I spoke with a neighbor with whom I am familiar through the dog walking scene.  For him, yesterday (now two days prior) was extraordinary.  A tanker truck carrying 1,700 gallons of home heating oil landed on his front lawn.  His wife was home and upon hearing the noise gathered three dogs and fled to a neighbor’s house half a block away.  The fuel didn’t ignite.

A neighbor who witnessed the event said the tanker was traveling north on Rosemont and didn’t touch the brakes as it continued through the stop sign and into another vehicle.  The collision flipped the tanker and it skidded into the lawn.  Stopped six feet from the house.  None of the heating oil spilled, but some of the tanker’s diesel ended up on the lawn.  Both drivers were sent to the hospital.  The homeowner’s insurance company will send an inspector to check for structural damage to the home.  It was a heavy truck with a heavy payload.  The accident was like a small earthquake.  Less than 24 hours had passed and he was calm and understanding.

Frida and I headed home.  On Western, as Frida sniffed something for a very long time, I watched the speed indicator in front of the school zone.  The limit is 30 but drops to 20 when school is in session.  School was in session until 11:15 am so the limit was 20.  No car travelled through at less than 30.  One car registered 40, earning aN APD cruiser in hot pursuit.  With the cruiser on its tail, lights flashing and sirens blaring, the speeder didn’t slow for about five blocks.  Seemed like a longer chase might happen, but finally the car pulled over.  It wasn’t a good place for a high speed chase.  Where is?  Speed cameras popped into my head.  Officers wouldn’t have to race through school zones chasing speeders and all speeders could be ticketed.  I know traffic control drones are far from universally loved, but it still surprises me.

Some folks believe they can safely run red lights and exceed the speed limit.  Experience supports their view until it doesn’t.  You remember that my sister died in her truck?  About a block from her house in the dessert outside of Lancaster, California.  If you need an incentive to slow, stop fully and look carefully when on the road, come to my place.  I will pour you a scotch or an oolong and tell you about my sister.  I can shorten a new pair of pants for you on her sewing machine while we chat.  She learned reiki so she could help dogs feel better.  She loved all dogs, but long haired dachshunds were her jam.  She had a small heard of them when she died.  She cut dog nails at the shelter because no one else liked doing it.  All in all one of the sweetest people I have known.


I am going to stop abruptly.  This post got away from me, but now that I have it typed it is going up.  My apologies.

Take care.


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