Yesterday?  The same loop as two days prior.  I believed it to be roughly four miles.  Nearly six.  A distance for which I don’t need to prepare, but long enough to make me feel good.  I wonder how long I can keep this up? 93xo1im

Two days ago I enjoyed my 1992 XO-1.  Today the 1993 (the year in which the XO-1 turned orange and sprouted bosses for cantilever brakes).  1,000 were made and many remained unsold.  Bridgestone stopped selling in the US the next year.  In May of 1994, members of the Bridgestone Owners Bunch (BOBs) were offered new in box 92 and 93 XO-1s at 1/3 off retail.BOB6

I remember thinking about buying a 1993 XO-1 and an RB-1 as well, but I was at that point too sensible.  Nothing wrong with my 1992 and no need to have a duplicate.  Today I’m less sensible. Given the chance, I’d buy three without blinking.93x01

My 1993, acquired lightly used in 2010, is 3 cm larger than my 1992.  The extra size brings the bars up in relation to the saddle, but 3 cm is not much (I still sit with a bent over posture).  In 1993 I would have loved it in comparison to my smaller XO-1 or my Faggin racing bicycle.  Nearing the door to the exit of my 40s, I enjoy the bars higher still.  Tomorrow I may ride my 54.5 cm Atlantis.  The tall headtube, together with a stem with less reach and more rise, result in bars that are above my seat and 1cm closer.  Just right (for now).

The ride yesterday was perfect.  100% sweetness in road sharing.  I waived motorists to pass when it was safe for me to move right and they passed with plenty of room and light feet on gas pedals.  Again, please!fp1

That’s all I have.  Be well please.


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