This is a thing starting now

I am going to say I invented sikil pak fritters.  I searched only that term and only looked at the first page of hits.  Nothing.  So I’ll declare it mine and now proudly share it with you.  fsp

I’ve made two test fritters.  The first was just a dollop of sikil pak fried in a pan with a tablespoon of peanut oil.  To the second I added a bit of chickpea flour.  The addition wasn’t necessary but I wanted to dry out the fritter.  It helped.  Eat them as they come out of the pan dipped in a soured cashew cream with fresh herbs, make a falafel like sandwich or fry up a big patty and enjoy the worlds first sikil pak burger (better cook fast–I am headed back into the kitchen now).  Sikil pak recipe?  I wrote mine down while watching Rick Bayless’ One Plate at a Time, but the internet is lousy with recipes.  Here’s one (Rick’s recipe adds lime and omits garlic and I usually use jarred tomato sauce instead of fresh tomatoes–this stuff is bombproof so adjust at will).  For fritters or patties, consider reducing the amount of tomato in your recipe to end up with a dryer dip.  Or don’t.  Mine was pretty moist (one cup pepitas and one cup tomato sauce were the main components–so a roughly one to one wet to dry ratio) and it still worked.

I made it to  Laurie Anderson’s Heart of a Dog.  Ms. Anderson did a great job of balancing her poignant personal story with the universal wisdom she tapped into.  See it if you get the chance.  I also made it to Cars vs. Bikes at the Linda.  Think carefully before you see this one.  Although it was well made, I am pretty sure the makers thought they were ending on a happy note but for me the happy was lost under a fairly heavy blanket of sad.  I failed to make it to the Bicycle Engineering Symposium at RPI.  Did you go?  I really wanted to see the vintage bike show they added.  Oh well.  fib

Frida continues, making everyone in this house very happy.  Even though I know how this story ends, I am enjoying for the moment not knowing when.

I’ve been biking a few miles every day.  The weather has been unbelievably pleasant and I want to soak it up.  I’ve recently pedaled a Rivendell custom road, a Rivendell Atlantis, a Bridgestone CB-O and all three of my ANTs.  Too often I get lazy and ride the same bike over and over, usually the bike the tires on which were most recently pumped up.  Glad to have bothered to pump up the tires on all of these.  As I type I can say I love them all equally, but as I pedal, it is the one carrying me that I love the most.  Every day I get a little closer to realizing I need only one bicycle.  Or maybe three.  But I can’t imagine letting go of enough to leave me only with six.  They are all too special.  I’m hopeless.  Happily hopeless.

How about a dose of Fred Rogers?  Here is a nice article.  I’ve requested the book mentioned therein be sent to my local library branch.  Can’t wait to read it.

Please take good care of yourselves and those near you.


2 responses to “This is a thing starting now

  1. Aspirational Fred

    I don’t recall if Mr. Rogers was a bicyclist (although I’d wager so), he makes me proud that we are sometimes referred to as “Freds.”

    Now I just need to remember to practice the sort of neighborly speech he modeled so well when I encounter all those thoughtless drivers and jaywalkers….

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