Remembering Bicycles

I spent an equal amount of time yesterday watching auctions for motorcycles as I did riding my bicycle.  I regret neither but enjoyed one more.  I spent more time yesterday walking Frida than I did watching auctions for motorcycles and riding my bicycle combined.  She walks slowly but rarely wants to go less than 1.5 miles.    Frida.  I bow to her.  Heart of a Dog

You’ve surely heard about the sale of the Spectrum Theater.  Makes me sad, but I am assured by a reliable source that the programming will continue to be excellent.  The buyer is retaining all of the staff and the current general manager will keep the spirit alive.  Want to say goodbye to the founders and see a cool piece with local ties?  Go see Laurie Anderson’s Heart of a Dog at the Spectrum on November 17, 2015.  That’s the day of the sale.  The last day the founders hold the keys.  Tears!

Albany Bicycle Coalition continues its excellent work and provided notice that the documentary Bikes vs. Cars will be shown at WAMC’s The Linda on November 19, 2015.  Reception at 6:00 pm and film at 7:00 pm.  Again with the tears as I watched the trailer.  I love a good trailer.

Larry Ruff and friends are putting on their most excellent Bicycle Engineering Symposium at RPI.  Not an engineer?  Fear not.  Smart people explain things well and these people are as smart as they come.  I made it once a couple of years ago and can’t recommend it highly enough.Symposium Flyer 2015

Time to walk Frida.  What a lovely day for it.  Be well!



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