Snooty Glasses

I drink most everything out of diner style juice glasses.  The form brings back such happy memories and the small size makes reasonable servings seem bigger (an old Weight Watchers trick–shout out to Oprah!).  Still, I recently wished into my computer for a set of Glencairn glasses.  Drum fingers for two days and here they are.  Designed for appreciating whisky and patterned after nosing glasses used by high end winos, the tulip shaped bowls concentrate aromas increasing the chance you’ll notice a couple or more of the scents offered by a good malt.  If I only had a working nose!FullSizeRender

What’s in there now?  Speyburn 10–a Speyside single malt with flowers and citrus fruit “on the nose.”  I won’t argue and at $35 bucks a bottle I’ll be a repeat customer.  To be clear, I returned the pour shown above to the bottle–three hours shy of whisky time.  Cheers to you in advance.

We’ve been enjoying a string of seventy degree days.  I’ve tried my best to make use of them before the cold and dark times slink in.  Today I pedaled the ANT Roadster to Healthy on Lark.  Would of been my first time.  I arrived at 11:00 (posted opening time) and a sign asked me to wait thirty minutes.  No problem.  I popped next door to Stacks Espresso Bar for a cup.  They are always so sweet and I never pass on a shot from a Synesso machine.  Good stuff every time.  Then back to Healthy on Lark, where I stood at the door from 11:28 to 11:32.  Thirty minutes is all I had in me, so I crossed the street where The Brakes made for me a delicious seitan chicken club.SCC

Crispy pan fried seitan, a couple of strips of fancy faux bacon, lettuce, tomato and house made mayo played nice together between a beautiful roll baked by Bread and Honey.  Blessings on the collaboration of The Brakes and Bread and Honey.  Both sides bring good things to the plate and the customers are the winners.  Today that was me.  You could be next!FIL

Frida is into the long walks of late.  I’ve been giving in, even enjoying them, while the weather holds.  Not sure I’ll do as well on two mile walks at walking meditation pace once the cold arrives but she is very persuasive.  To be determined.

I should go.  Have a great weekend.

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