Breakfast Tips

Sausage and gravy on a waffle.  Where I grew up, this was called milk gravy and I love it.  Hope you do too.sagow

Brown vegan sausages in a skillet with oil.  These are from Miyoko’s Homemade Vegan Pantry and I love them.  A minute or three are all that are needed since they are made of grains and veggies.  I replaced the bulgar wheat called for in the recipe with cooked farro since I had some in the fridge.

While they are browning, whisk well together one cup soy or nut milk, 1.5 T flour, 0.25 t salt and the following to taste:  black pepper, cayenne pepper, dried herbs, paprika, granulated onion and garlic.

Remove the sausage from the pan and pour the gravy mix into the pan (slowly– since liquid into hot oil is jumpy, messy, dangerous).  Warm and whisk until thickened to your preference over medium heat.  This won’t take more than a minute or three, so toast your bread or waffle now.  Assemble, shoot, tweet and eat.  Done.  *whisk drop*fol

Take care of yourself and yours.


2 responses to “Breakfast Tips

  1. Christina Abbott

    Thanks for this recipe for the gravy. I will check out Miyoko’s book, as what good is the gravy without the sausages to go with? Do you have any recipe book recommendations you can share that have recipes that are either heavy on the “make ahead” element or heavy on the “45 mins or less” element? Tim and I have drastically changed our eating habits. We also love to cook, but time is a factor with us during the work week – yet we don’t want to compromise delicious, quality food. Thanks for any recommendations you can provide and Happy Halloween!

    • Heya! We miss you seven (that’s assuming turtle button is still slow motion walking in your house). I’m totally warped and useless when it comes to noticing when a recipe is fast. I just buy every cookbook that looks decent and give it a go! If I find one recipe that satisfies even once, I consider it a win. More than one recipe and more than once, well, that’s a home run. Eating things you’ve made at home is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You are a great cook and I am glad you want to do even more of it. Winning! Hope to see you soon.

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