Our Neighborhood

Took a bit of a longer lunch today.  Thought I was due since I distributed draft documents for my newest deal a full five days before I promised them.  Most of my working group knows me well and my accomplishment will elicit little more than yawns, but I am still impressed by my ability to decimate deadlines as other struggle to meet them.  My secret is no secret at all–do the same work for 23 years and you will become fast and efficient.  And continue to care.  Definitely not super powers, but hard to be sure.  They don’t make many comic books featuring bond lawyers.

Lunch?  The Orchard!  I’ve loved this place for years, but never went enough because they didn’t offer vegan cheese for their iconic pizzas.  Times are changing.  One of the owner’s sons moved in down the street and after a few introductory conversations, I asked if he’d make me a pizza with Daiya cheese that I’d bring in.  He said sure.  Between asking and getting there, he said some of his vegan relatives had recently done the same.  Today I went with Daiya in hand and shortly thereafter a pizza appeared. It was terrific!  It is clearly of a style with medium thick crust, rectangular shape and toppings on top of the cheese, but I am a fan of all styles of pizza, this one included.

I ordered the vegetarian pizza.  It includes lots of various veggies. More than I typically want on a single pizza, but it was an easy order.  All the veggies were fresh and delicious.  The crust was light and crisp with just the right amount of fat to be pleasing.  Being able to enjoy that pizza in a space that has been open since 1903 really made it special for me.  That, and the fact that my neighbor’s brother, who was behind the bar, knew I was coming and was a delight to get to know.  These people care about you and your business.  Become a regular.  It can only get better.

Pizza without beer is sad.  You won’t suffer that fate at The Orchard.  They offer a good variety of craft beer, running the gamut from hoppy ales to milder lagers and a few seasonal offerings to boot.  I enjoyed a Southern Tier Pumking with my inaugural pizza.  My first but not my last.

Unofficial word is a person should be able to walk into The Orchard and order a vegan pie by 2016.  The sons are working on their father.  Until then, bring in a bag of Daiya and blame your behavior on me.  I do not think they will blink.  I’ve paved the way.  You are welcome.

Funny thing about an owner’s perception of new markets–they might think they know the market based on what their customers request.  That has to be an imperfect measure with the vegan market.  How many vegans study menus and/or Happy Cow before heading out the door?  I do and I can’t be alone.  So we as a group don’t go places that don’t offer us anything or little and the proprietor never hears from us.  They don’t know we are out there.  This proprietor knows we are out there.  People do ask for vegan pies.  But do they know how many of us are out there?  Call!  Show up with Daiya!  Make it happen!  I want to have another joint that I can call a home away from home.  Don’t you?

What else?  After such a good lunch experience, my companion and I headed to Maserati of Albany (naturally).  I love cars but know very little about these rare machines.  A dealership opened down the street from the Orchard (in a former RV sales lot), so today was the day to learn.  I was greeted as soon as I stepped out of my car and then left to peruse the lot.  They had a bunch of Maseratis.  Sedans and coupes.  I noted two models–Quattroporte and Ghibli–ranging from $100 k to $150 k in round numbers.  Seemed like a lot of dough to drop in a former RV sales lot, until you think about how much RVs cost.  I did see a used Maserati for $40 k.  About $20 k more than I am comfortable paying for a car, but it might be fun to check out if your purse strings are looser than mine.  I will say my father would have died to see such fancy cars covered in dust.  He’d buy and tape to the hands of every salesperson California dusters so they could keep the fleet looking up to snuff.

That’s about it.  Frida is still chugging.  Walks a bit slower on the second half of her walk, but recent tests indicate her kidney function is the same as it was a year ago.  Looks like she just might live forever.  Here’s hoping.  ft

I’ve pedaled some locally but not nearly as much as I should during the pleasant season.  Already regretting that.  That’s how I know it is October without looking at a calendar–the season of regret.  Sigh.  I’ve still been cooking up a storm.  Ethiopian.  Mexican.  Things with kimchi.  Tweeting about it instead of writing here.

Twitter.  I guess it’s a good thing.  It’s easier to write short posts than long blogs.  Probably more fun to read, too.  @randypedals if you want to have a go.  This post is roughly 5,700 characters.  With a 140 character limit per a tweet, this post would need to be broken up into 41 tweets.  But if I tweeted the concepts in this post, they’d amount to little more than this:

@TheOrchard1903 Thanks for the vegan pizza!  Vegans–bring Daiya today or wait until 2016.  #fingerscrossed

@MaseratiAlbany Thanks for letting us drool on your inventory!  Saving pennies (for the $40,000 used car)!  Lexi = best salesperson eva!

That’s probably better than this long winded post, but I will keep writing here too (if only because my mom asked me to).

I note that The Orchard has 410 followers on Twitter (now 411).  Maserati Albany?  Two (now three).  To be fair, The Orchard has been around longer than Maserati (established as a company in 1914 and in Albany since [earlier this year?]).  So it really isn’t a fair fight.  Let’s give the newcomer a chance to catch up.

Be well!

4 responses to “Our Neighborhood

  1. Thanks, Randal!

    I decided to grab a bunch of proper vegan cheese and we have it on special today. If all goes well, we’ll put it right on the menu in the near future…

  2. This is excellent! I am one of the aforementioned vegan relatives and I just love the timing of this 🙂 we know a lot of other vegan folks who would love to call this place another regular. Would be nice to have another reason to see my cousins!

  3. Also, the pizza is absolutely amazing.

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