I buy my chilis from the Mexican grocery on Central (the shelves of which, by the way, didn’t seem nearly so bare a week ago when I bought a throw pillow sized bag of beautiful pulla chilis for $8).  That said, they rarely have and I don’t need New Mexico chilis, but I made a bag appear on my doorstep nonetheless.NMC

I formed the idea by seeing them in a recipe for berbere from Teff Love.  I made a batch of berbere with costeña chilis from the Mexican grocery that came out great but there’s nothing wrong with a few more dried peppers in the pantry.  Incidentally, I learned New Mexican chilis are sold labeled either hot or mild.  I’ve seen so many recipes calling for New Mexican chilis and none have ever specified the heat.  Since the recipes have been for Thai curry pastes and now Ethiopian spice blends, I guess they want the hot kind.  Chilis are complicated in a good way.ONMC

So what to do with the New Mexicans?  The bag had a recipe for red chili sauce that used twelve of the twenty-eight peppers I received.  On it!NMCSo

The recipe stuck pretty close to Mexican chili sauce recipes I’ve seen–stem, seed, soak, blend, sauté–but this one was thickened with a roux.  Worked well.  Only tweak I’d make in the future is to add less salt.  I hesitated as I added two teaspoons of salt to the blender (no going back!), but I trusted.  Too much for my palate, but not enough to ruin the batch.  I just finished a quarter cup on chips as I typed. NMCS

If you buy these chilis and make the recipe on the bag, leave out the salt to the end.  At that point everything is in the sauce and the simmering is done, so you really know how much is needed.Muddy Paws

Frida is doing very well.  The heat slows her some but not enough to concern.  This morning she enjoyed a walk through a very mucky mud puddle.  When will her story end?  I’d hope for never, but that’d be wrong.

Take care!

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