Fish are Cool

I used to fish as a kid. I was told fish don’t feel pain.  That worked some but I always kinda wondered.  Not enough to stop fishing, but enough to make it less fun.  mot

Today I googled it.  This was the first thing that came up.  Sounded like it might be kind of fun (for a vegan) to read, but it wasn’t.  Made me sad, actually.  I had forgotten there was a thing called catch and release and that it made some people feel better about fishing.

I don’t think often or deeply about animal rights.  I pretty much stop with the golden rule.  In the context of catch and release fishing, it probably isn’t persuasive to people who fish to ask would you want to be hooked, hauled somewhere you didn’t mean to go and then released.  They’d say something along the lines of “fish don’t feel pain the same way we do.  They have a different physiology.”  I don’t know.  They don’t know.  Impasse?

How about another road?  Instead of catching people with hooks, let’s use the example of express kidnappings.  Seems like a pretty good parallel to me–the victim isn’t often hurt and the kidnappers don’t get a whole bunch of money, so where is the harm?  Sure, the victim is rattled and maybe out of breath, but they are soon on their way.  jot

Scientists will continue to torture inconvenience animals to answer this question and so many others, but I can stop with the golden rule.

Hey Dad.  Don’t take this the wrong way.  I loved fishing with you.  One of my best memories.  We were who we were.  Today?  I’d love to make tamales with you.  Something tells me you may have encountered tamales as a kid in Oklahoma.  Either way, let’s make tamales together soon.

Time to do laundry.  Have a good one.

2 responses to “Fish are Cool

  1. Artificially Intelligible

    Golden Rule, right? I was just reading that Steve Wozniak says he’s recently begun feeding his dogs expensive cuts of steak and chicken. Apparently the meals upgrade followed his latest reflections on A.I. and the coming robot revolution, in which he concluded that our incipient silicon overlords will want to keep some of the humans around as pets….

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