Things I should Tweet

But I don’t want to be that tweeter.  You know.  The one who tweets. enough

The only people who tweet are (a) famous people (maybe they hire someone to tweet and hired tweeters tweet) and (b) business owners.  I’m neither so I’ll (try to) tweet just once a day (and blog the rest).  Here are a few I’ll spare my eleven (I think it was twelve yesterday) Twitter followers.

Today I was hollered at for crossing in a crosswalk, on foot and with the light.  #takeyourmedsalbany

Roxy, the dog I rescued yesterday, I rescued two winters ago.  #getafence

Yesterday I installed solar powered LED string lights on two outdoor trees.  Reviewers all but promise they will stop working in one month.  #howtoscrewtheplanet

It is cold.  Pumpkin beers are here.  Leaves are falling.  #summergavetwoweeksnotice

Karoshi.  For me unlikely but everything else in my life feels really good just now.  Just saying.  #whatssofunnyaboutpeaceloveandunderstandingintheworkplace

I might take a lawn chair to a corner with new red light cameras and watch the money roll in.  #onlyyoucanstop

A family of three was politely and safely lapping the pond on bicycles and sounding a bell to pass.  Frida and I were passed five times.  I fantasized about pushing the dad off his bike.  #ificanhateoncyclists #legalizerecreational

The newest vegan restaurant in NYC focuses on burgers and fries (the one thing vegans can order at most casual restaurants), and they’re crushing it.  Note to omnivore chefs:  make things from recipes by Lagusta, Isa, Terry, Julie, Miyoko and Chloe.  #weorderyourburgerbecausethereisnothingelse

#albanywreckingcrew inspired City of Albany workers to replace rotten wood and repaint all benches at Westland Hills chessatorium.  Do I have to play chess now?  In public?  #lookingforexcuses

Dudes stringing new cable lines threw tools over the fence into my garden.  It looks like a weed patch but it is all food–volunteer arugula and rows of parsley and cilantro.  If they’d have asked permission, I would’ve picked up Frida’s poop from the yard.  #feelingluckysmellinglessso


4 responses to “Things I should Tweet

  1. On behalf of the AWC, a hail & hearty shout-out to the CoAWs who were so inspired to paint — thanks for the collaboration!
    #albanywreckingcrew inspired City of Albany workers to replace rotten wood and repaint all benches at Westland Hills chessatorium. #lookingforexcuses

  2. I love that butter recipe!

    Glad, as ever, that Frida is holding out. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Your words about my recipes are very sweet!

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