These Things

This morning I cut the zip ties holding my first Brooks Cambium C-17 saddle to the display card and installed it on my Rivendell Road.  #barsabovesaddleRivendell Road 07.27.15

I’ve just finished a four mile tour atop the seat so I am ready to pass judgment.  It possesses the perfect balance between support and suspension.  I love the texture–it provides just the right amount of grip.  It seems to have at least an inch of territory on which my sit bones are both supported and suspended, so I can move forward or back as much as if not more than I can on other Brooks saddles.  I am in love with this perch!


The garden is still handing over the goods.  Bounty 07.27.15

Twelve cukes and a pint of beans needed to come home.  The mustard has gone to seed so I uprooted the lot of it it and brought home a pillow of leaves.  I also cut three stalks of Italian broccoli and introduced three beets to the sun.  I sautéed the beet tops in olive oil and finished them with roasted garlic and salty and sour umeboshi vinegar.  I’ve never enjoyed beet greens more.  Picture at @randypedals (tweeting now).

Frida is still chugging, but my parent’s dog Daisy recently died.  I’ve been putting off writing about it.  So sad.  No more waiting–Daisy has earned her place in these pages by being a truly wonderful dog friend to my parents.  MnD

She was my parents first dog so the parting has been particularly tough.  After our first dog Speed passed, Lacey and I said goodnight to her every night for at least five years.  Still do on occasion.  DnD

I’m sure my parents will undertake similar rituals in Daisy’s honor.  Wish I was there to sit with them some.  Rest in peace, precious Daisy.

Want a more livable Albany?  Let the City’s design team know by attending the following public meeting.  The City of Albany is progressing on Madison Avenue Traffic Calming from South Allen St. to Lark St.  The project will reduce the number of travel lanes, while improving bicycle accommodations and completing all work between the existing curbs.  The meeting, on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the College of Saint Rose, Touhey Forum, Lally School of Education, 1009 Madison Avenue, will include an overview of the traffic calming project and you will be invited to provide your two cents (or two fifty).  Thanks to Lorenz and everyone at the Albany Bike Coalition for their hard work on this and for keeping us in the loop.

Time to refresh Frida’s bowl of ice and give her some eyedrops.  Take care.


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