Where to start?

All is well.  A week ago we returned from a week in Provincetown.  You know we brought Frida’s Tail Wagon.  With the wagon and two bikes we were able to park our car upon arrival and not see it again until the morning we left.  Loved that.  Cars are awesome but no cars are more so.  Babushka Frida agrees.IMG_1170

Frida’s eyes are still doing great.  I think she’s winking/squinting below because of the bright sun.IMG_1158

We stayed right on the bay.  That’s the bay above.  First time for us.  Costs a little more, but Frida loves the bay (water without waves).  Who knows how many trips she has in her.  By the looks of things, I’d say about a hundred.  Here’s a tall ship (probably not the right name–help me out if you know) on the bay that I snapped through my binoculars.  IMG_1182

Staying on the bay meant we could enjoy the water without a trip to the ocean.  So we enjoyed walks along the water every day, many times a day.  Still, twice we hooked up the wagon and hauled Frida and our gear to Herring Cove beach.  Even brought a separate parasol for Frida.  Surprisingly, she actually got under it on her own.    IMG_1171

A third time Lacey and I pedaled to a secret part of the beach where the boys like to hang out.  Left Frida back.  We hadn’t been there before.  It.  Is.  Amazing.  Since we aren’t a pair of boys, we felt a little like intruders on the beach itself (not a word was said–it was all in our heads).  The walk in, though, across a salt marsh is half a mile, maybe more, was for us the highlight.  Check it out!  Have you ever seen anything so pretty?  Click once, then again.

IMG_1116The town always does a fine job of feeding us vegans.  What with the Bradford Street Market (groceries and vegetarian hot lunch buffet), Far Land Provisions (awesome deli), East End Market (swank jarred goodies), 141 To Go (mucho vegan), Big Daddy’s Burritos (hot momma sauce, please), Tiny’s, Grab and Go Health Bar (vegan soft serve!), Burger Queen (burger and fries), the Canteen (why’d you stop the fried chickpeas!?!) and Kung Fu Dumplings (steamed or fried veggie dumplings, noodles, plus a side of kimchi), Ciro and Sal’s (maybe not super vegan, but really yummy), we were very well fed.  I didn’t cook a single meal!  In a week!  Strange but enjoyable.IMG_1186It was bear week while we were there.  Our favorite week ’cause bears are awesome.  Food and bev workers are in a good mood, too, ’cause bears eat, drink and tip with gusto.  Maybe a few other things, too, but that’s their business.  Everyone wins when the bears are in town.  Go bears!

Oh ya!  I walked by this cute couple every day.  IMG_1125

One might think they make an odd pairing, but bikes and motorbikes were birthed from the same parents way back when.  No reason they can’t play nice together to this day.  Notice the motor on the bicycle?  It’s all good.

Almost no one wears a bike helmet in Provincetown.  Maybe out on the highway, but not in town.  I have still donned a lid in the past but didn’t this time.  The speed limit in town is either 25 or 20 and people stay at or under it.  So much foot, bicycle and dog traffic that cars keep it real slow.  Often times about 5 or 10 miles per hour.  So you feel safe.  You are safe, when compared to biking next to people going 45.  Of course I’m sticking with a helmet in Albany.  Even though it wouldn’t help much at the speeds folks here drive, you gotta try.  Skeptical?  I get it.  But don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  Maybe this–imagine how much you’d enjoy walking without a helmet if you’d never done it before.  You might get hit by a car while walking, but golly the wind sure feels nice.

Good to be home.  The garden saved for us a ton of beans, cukes, greens, garlic and endive.  Beets and cabbage can be harvested soon.  Yesterday I made a feast for scrabble players with tamales (filled with corn, squash, onions and chilpotles in adobo), refried black beans, red rice and massaged kale (dressed with olive oil, umeboshi plum vinegar, mustard, agave, salt and tons of black pepper).  I made green and red salsa, too.  All delicious.  By the way, we’ve all let down the folks at the Mexican Grocery here.  A couple of times recently I tried to visit but they were closed during business hours.  I finally caught them this week and the shelves are kind of bare.  Seems like they might be going under.  Buy maybe I am wrong.  Maybe they are in it for the long haul and will turn it around.  I hope I am wrong.

That’s enough for now.  Happy Friday.


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