One Reason

Frida, yes, greens, yes, work, yes, warmth, not really.  That was my June.

More?  Two weekends ago, for the first time in more than a decade, I stepped out of my space capsule onto the fertile soil that is Lincoln, Nebraska.  The place was looking swell.  Better even than I remembered it.  The folks were sweet, drinks were cheap (and often enough very good) and there were more choices for Mexican food than I had room in my belly.  You in Lincoln or headed there–enjoy the shops at 11th & G.

On the way home I picked up from a chair at ORD a Best of mag put out by The Reader.  It contained much I want to check out but I started with and am glad I did.  You should, too, if you like good writing and punk music.  If that doesn’t keep you busy, a new album from Desaparacidos is out.

Bikes?  You heard of Vision Zero?  Me neither, but it doesn’t take long to see why it could work.  Check out this infographic.  speed

Why isn’t Albany listed as one of the communities committed to reducing traffic deaths to zero by 2030?  We need to push for this.

Here’s looking forward to July.

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