Ragonese Imports is now officially taking care of vegans.  They’ve long had vegan friendly items, a fair amount of Italian food has always been “naturally” vegan, but now the word “vegan” shows up on their sandwich board and on house branded ravioli.Ravioli

The ravioli are excellent!  Check out the ingredients!  Sorry I didn’t take a picture of the ravioli themselves (we smothered ours in pesto made with our backyard basil thinned with cooking water), but here’s a description–they’re big and pillowy and perfect.  The vegan sandwich is terrific, too.  Get there and show them you care, since they do.  Everyone wins!

How about a little bike safety?  My friend sent this.  Can you believe it?  If you are a local bike advocate, consider sharing it with the powers that be.  Me?  I’ll probably just buy one so I can continue to shake my fist in disbelief but with science on my side.  If our police department doesn’t want to incur the cost, I invite them to ride with a yardstick under their left hands.  If a car hits it, ticket.  Feel free to use that slogan, on the house.

Just got back from a high school reunion.  Which?  Let’s just say too many decades!  My old town was looking swell.  Ton’s of pedalers, lots of good Mexican food and unseasonably mild weather.  I really miss the place.  Seeing old friends was the highlight, but a pilgrimage to the Monkey Wrench bike shop was a close second.  Randy at Monkey Wrench

Check out their wall of historically significant mountain bikes!MWW

There are more but I didn’t need to shoot them all.  Go see them for yourself.  I picked up a Brooks Cadmium saddle to say thanks for being awesome.  It’s very nearly vegan (the vulcanized rubber may contain animal products–can’t be sure).  I’ll have to take a little time to see to which bike it will be added.Frida on Mountain

Frida is doing great, and we’re doing a good job of cherishing every moment.  Somedays she’s a little faster than the day before.  Others a little slower.  We try hard not to read too much into either trend.  Just loving her lots and getting lots in return.

Take care of yourselves, okay?

2 responses to “Steps

  1. RP sez: “If a car hits it, ticket. Feel free to use that slogan, on the house.”

    The slogan I’m trying to popularize is: “Get your head out of your apps!” — to be shouted at the sort of clowns who jaywalk while changing their FB profiles (is “deceased” an option?).

    This is what I want instead of the sonic 3-foot alarm:
    A horn on each fork blade.

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