Good Things

Today the garden offered up some early summer treats.  Summer Haul

First two cukes, spinach and some other fancy lettuce the name of which I have forgotten, wild onions, garlic I missed during last year’s harvest and strawberries from a friend’s plot  (from which I was encouraged to poach).

Yesterday I enjoyed a presentation given by a friend who has started a company called Node40.  He explained Dash, one of many competing crypto currencies, and how his company can help you get involved.  In very basic terms, he can help set up a savings account into which you deposit Dash (a Bitcoin competitor) and then he rents server capacity on your behalf so that you can help verify transfers of Dash and run calculations to create unique transaction IDs.  In exchange for the work the servers are doing, you are paid Dash on an ongoing basis.  He takes an ongoing fee for setting it all up and monitoring the operation of your account. You get an ongoing revenue stream and, when you cash out, the benefit (or burden) of fluctuations in the value of Dash.  I encourage you to keep an eye on his schedule and attend talks he gives in the future (or, now, watch the presentation at the link in the comments below).  That, or contact him if you have a group who’d like to hear him speak on the subject.  He’s very committed to getting the word out.  Also enjoyed seeing for the first time the Albany Barn.  Quite a place and very nice of them to host talks by local business owners.  me enjoying a ride

Remember when I wrote to the CDTA to inform them of close passes made by many of their drivers?  I wrote March 31st and April 30th.  No reply so yesterday afternoon I wrote to the CEO, who replied this morning.  Bingo!  The fellow I first contacted just wrote to say the following (edited):

After receiving the initial e-mail, I instructed the Superintendents at each of the three divisions to work with the Safety Department to come up with a notice that reminds all operators of their responsibilities regarding safe passing of bicyclists. That information has been conveyed to our workforce.

We will do a better job at monitoring our operators and gaining full compliance of this responsibility. We will also need to rely on you and the other bicyclists in the Capital Region to notify us when someone fails to comply. If possible, please provide bus numbers and corrective measures will be taken to address on an individual basis.

Not too bad!  I’m going to take him at his word and let him know when operators aren’t complying with the law.  I encourage you to do the same.  I won’t print his name and contact info here, but it is easy to find the appropriate contact info on the CDTA website.  That said, if you know me and want the contact info for this specific fellow, reach out to me outside of this blog and I’d be happy to share it one to one.

Frida is doing very well during the day but has had a couple of very anxious nights in a row.  Upping the xanax to a full pill from a half seems to help so that may be the new normal going forward.  The poor dear.  It is a terrible thing to witness.  She just paces and barks, is let outside and then back in, then paces and barks, then outside then in.  This can go on for hours.  I sometimes shut her in my office and sleep with her on the floor.  Try to sleep.  Neither she nor I do, but at least Lacey stands a chance of getting some sleep.  Last night the extra half xanax and her Thundershirt together helped her collapse on the floor near me and she slept the rest of the night.  I don’t know how many hours of sleep we got.  I sometimes don’t look.  I don’t want to know.  Here’s hoping a full pill at bedtime helps her out.FwTs

That’s enough.  Take care!


2 responses to “Good Things

  1. Thanks for mention and thanks for coming out to the talk. Should any of your readers be interested, a recording of the 1 Million Cups presentation is now available online.

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