I bought the necessary tools to open my iPhone and clean the camera.  The procedure was quick and easy (great tools and instructions are available at, but the results were disappointing.  See for yourself.


There are dark blobs visible on the left side, more pronounced at the bottom, in the middle (two red bits) and a dark blob on the right near the top.  I used air and Zeiss wipes over q-tips four times.  The first time I thought I had it clean.  All of the visible dirt on the inside of the lens cover was gone.  I closed the phone, powered up, opened the camera and saw what is shown in the picture above.  I repeated the process three more times with increasing vigor and each time there was no change.  I have to believe the particles creating the artifacts are inside the camera assembly itself where they cannot be cleaned.  To add insult to injury, I now see that Verizon will sell me a refurbished iPhone 5 for $32, which is less than I paid for the tools to open and not fix my camera issue.  Sigh.

Onward.  Frida had a bath!cf

Happens only once a year unless she rolls in something particularly fragrant.  You have to see her now that is dry and all combed out.  She looks like a puppy.  So cute!

A friend had set up a bike camping trip to Thompson’s Lake.  We were supposed to leave Saturday and return Sunday.  I was packed and ready but the weather suggested caution.  Rain predicted for Saturday night and all day Sunday, so on Friday we scrubbed the mission.  It did rain heavily on Saturday night, so I guess the cancellation was a good move, but not a drop on Sunday.  We’ll have to try again.  It is nice to have a place to camp and swim that is biking distance from home.  Soon!

Other news?  At 8:00 am on Wednesday, at the Albany Barn, my friend is giving a talk and a Q&A on investing in Dash.  Dash?  A competitor of Bitcoin.  A cryptocurrency.  With me?  If not, I can’t help because I don’t understand it well enough to explain it.  My friend started a company that helps folks mine for Dash and collect interest on their investment.  He takes a fee for setting up and monitoring your master node(s).  He’s whip smart, a great communicator and a very good guy.  You should go if you are local.  The details are here.

Take care!


2 responses to “ididntfixit

  1. Christina Abbott

    Bathtime Frida is super cute. I love that grin on her face!

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