A Step to the Side

Last night’s rain is taking care of the garden for today, but Frida was still itching for a ride in the trailer.  Since she was up with anxiety from 2:30 am this morning, I was happy to oblige.

I pedaled her to the state campus for a stroll.  Lots of people in the area but they’re all tucked away in the office buildings so we have the outdoors mostly to ourselves.  If I squint just right, between the open spaces and the pleasant to pedal upon ring roads, the state campus feels like my private central park.  That’s a stretch, but Frida and I did enjoy the change of scenery.  Incidentally, I know Frida doesn’t look like she is enjoying herself.  She looks tired and she is.  We all are after a night with too little sleep.  Even so, after a thirty minute afternoon walk (and an hour long walk this morning), she didn’t want to get back in the trailer.  She wanted more walking.  Bless her.  Next time.  She needs her rest.  fasc

Sunday I brought home all of my garlic scapes.  They keep well in the fridge, but I wanted to try something different.  Roasting them at 425 for twenty minutes was a first for me, but it won’t be the last.  At such high heat, check them frequently.  The thinner top sections would have burnt if I hadn’t removed them after ten minutes. rgs

They are delicious!  Crispy, caramelized, salty, oily goodness.  If I can stop eating them, I will chop what remains into smaller peaces and toss them with pasta for dinner tomorrow.  While the oven was hot, I roasted four poblano chiles.  They’ll go inside of tamales that I hope to make Wednesday.  Our week in food is shaping up nicely!

Thanks for stopping by.  Take care of yourself.


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